Fitness Bucket List

25 Things to Do Before my 25th Birthday

1. Do 25 pushups in a row

2. Run a half marathon

3. Run a ten km

4. Run an 8km

4. Attend yoga classes once a week

5. Add sprinting and track workouts

6. Use swimming as a cross training workout regularly

7. Master 5 pull ups

8. Master 5 chin ups

9.  Weigh 145 pounds

10. Have one veggie day a week

11. Schedule fitness and eating into my routine weekly

12. Run a sub 30 5km

13. Be able to hold “the crow” yoga pose

14. Do a headstand (assisted is okay)

15. Run somewhere new

16. Run in the rain

17. Run in the snow

18. Take pictures once a month to document progress (January done!)

19. Take measurements once a month to document progress (January done!)

20. Accurately track mileage

21.  PLAN out meals

22. Achieve a balance of 80/20 (20 percent impulse, 80 percent measured) eating

23. Remember that healthy living starts in the kitchen!

24. Plank for 1:30

25. Do 25 real situps in a row


5 responses to “Fitness Bucket List

  1. I would *love* to be able to do 5 pullups, I can’t seem to get past 3 without my arms turning into jello.

  2. YAY! SWIMMING! That’s a great activity for runners!

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