Hey! Thanks so much for following my adventures, my running, my crazy ups and downs and laughs along the way! I hope you are learning something that helps you on your own journeys, or that you at least get a smile or laugh out of some things I have to say.  If you have an idea for the blog, a comment to leave, will be in the Vancouver area or at a race I’m going to and want to meet up or even if you just want to reach out and share something, please feel free to contact me!  I also welcome comments at the end of every post.

If you are a brand wanting to share information on a product or event please also contact me using one of the methods below!


Twitter: Please follow me at @ama_liab for updates on everything related to my own little corner of the internet!

DailyMile: You can find my workout related updates on dailymile here

Pinterest: There are boards of all kinds on my Pinterest. From Fitness and Food to Crafts and Words to Live By! Follow me!

Facebook: My page is really rather new on facebook, but click here and like to help it grow!


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