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Random Acts of Kindness Challenge!

Hey guys! I’m very excited to discuss two things that have seriously motivated me the past few weeks. These are items I have found on twitter and/or Pinterest and really want to share with you. The first is a commencement video I watched, where the mayor of Newark, New Jersey (Cory Booker) delivered his speech to graduates of Stanford University.

He talked about the conspiracy of love that helps all of us get to where we are today. He is talking about people who are so determined to help others and whose names we do not know. It is a 45 minute long video, but if you can squeeze any time out of your day, I encourage you to watch and listen to this amazing man speak.

<p>Video from <a href=””>KarmaTube</a></p&gt;

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Happy Weekend = Happy Week

What a weekend! It was full of wonderful, now slightly fuzzy memories of gorgeous sunshine, good friends, lots of laughs, plenty of alone time, and even a few hours of peace and quiet blogging and writing at a cafe. What a wondrous weekend! They don’t come along like that very often.  I also baked kale chips for the first time and I’m excited to share the recipe I used with you!

A little bit of cafe love

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It’s the Weekend

Hey all!

I hope you are all having an AMAZING weekend. I can tell you that I am for sure! Manfriend is away wilderness camping with the boys, and although I was invited, I decided that because I just finished working six days in a row and start another pretty long stretch Monday morning at 4:30am, that I was better off staying home.  They are hiking in 15km to camp for night one, another 5km to camp for night two, and back 20km the third day. That was a lot of work

Friday I ordered myself to relax when I got home from work and just do what I wanted to do. I rarely have two days off that coincide so when I got home at 5pm I was OVERWHELMED, and I mean, almost to the point of tears overwhelmed with everything I wanted to do with my weekend.  I finally decided to calm down and just do — what I felt like.

I spent a good hour just lying in the hammock. My favourite place in the yard. I failed to take a picture this time because I was relaxing, so here is an older picture of my ukelele in my hammock. It was either this or Manfriend’s hairy legs.

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Help a Hero

Hey guys,
This kind of post is very unusual for my blog and I promise it will not become a regular thing. However, it has come to my attention that one of my favourite high school teachers is in need of some support.  She was an amazing influence to myself and countless others, teaching us morals as well as school material. She still works full time supporting kids and their dreams. She is probably one of the only reasons my brother and I finished high school in one piece.

This teacher has two children with autism, and due to a lack of government support, her husband stays home full time to take care of them. Due to my teacher’s desire to provide them with much needed IBI therapy (which is shown to help them develop life skills and coping mechanisms), they have faced some emotional and financial issues.  Her husband is currently in the hospital awaiting surgery due to complications for his diabetes.

I will be running my 5km race at the end of September to raise funds for this incredibly generous woman and her family.  If you choose, you can donate either at my Donate page here, or if you prefer, you can donate directly to the indiegogo campaign.  Please don’t feel like you have to donate at all, but spreading the word would be helpful, or even taking a minute to remember and thank a teacher of your own.

Laura K.M. is an educator, a mother and a wife. She’s influenced, changed and improved the lives of thousands of different students over the entirety of her career as a high school teacher in the Greater Toronto Area.
Her room (often a safe haven for the misfits and the ridiculed) has served as a beacon of hope and inspiration for students of all shapes, colours and sizes.


And the Winner Is!

We Have A Giveaway Winner!

But first… as promised, Traveling Tuesdays has a new home!  All things travel have moved to my new blog here.  Soon all the posts on travel from here will also be over there!

But now, back to the giveaway. I used to put in how many comments I received (35, but only 31 were eligible) and then it came up with a random number so I counted down the comments the number that it came up with. Which was,

Number 20!

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So that run we were going to go on…

Yesterday morning I wanted to run.  I have given my shin splints a week off again, because they were bothering me (and because I wore flip flops to the beach…. which may or may not have set them off).  I did everything else last week. I biked, I did some yoga, I walked, and that whole time I could NOT wait to run.

And then yesterday morning I was going to get up, and give it my all.  I thought “Today is a beautiful day to get outside and … zzz …. zzzz…. zzzz.”   Suddenly it was 11am. I worked soon. No time. Darn.

Well, fast forward to Monday (today, in case you all forgot).  Me and my pretty shoes were about to hit the road.

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Happy Friday!
First off, thanks to everyone who has entered my giveaway so far! If you haven’t yet, you have until Monday at 11:59EST so check it out here

There are two Friday Pictovation today! The first is brought to you by my new love (and obsession, oh no!) Pinterest. You can follow me on Pinterest here

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What I’ve Learned From You – 500 follower giveaway


Wow! All I can say is thank you for following my tweets and reading my blog and for just being a part of this awesome running, eating and living community.  In celebration of my 500th twitter follower, I am hosting a giveaway today!

Part of the reason I wanted to hold a giveaway is because I have learned so much from all of you, and I want to give back.  Whether I am asking for advice on how to run early, asking a question about what “MP” or “GP” or “PR” stands for, or trying to decide what to eat that isn’t going to ruin my daily calorie count, you have all been there for support, to answer the silly questions, and to recommend great food or help me realize that sometimes messing up a workout or a day is just what we need.

So, without further ado, here is my very first blog giveaway!

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Travel Tuesday

Welcome to the last Travel Tuesday that will grace the pages of this blog.


Before you all start screaming “WHAT? TRAVEL TUESDAY IS MY FAVOURITE HOW DARE YOU!?” Travel Tuesday may be gone from Live, Travel, Eat and Run, but that’s only because it has a new home of its very own that I will reveal next Tuesday! My passion for travel is competing with my passion for running on this blog, so Travel Tuesday’s is set to have a new home of its very own.

That way, those of you who want to read about travel can do so in the new, top secret location… and those of you who want to solely read about running and cooking can do so here. And of course, you are welcome to travel to both blogs all the time (get it, “travel”)!!

Without further ado, I know you are all waiting with bated breath for the second installment of Travel Tuesday Vancouver Island

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