Monthly Archives: June 2012

Back to Basics

Today I had planned to run in the Vancouver Scotiabank 5km race.  Alas, the week after my 5km at the Ottawa Race Weekend I barely ran (I think twice the next week), and then nothing after that. I was busy trying to pack and move and get ready to come here and lived in three different places over the course of one week and didn’t make time for running. Which, to be fair, I don’t regret. I didn’t have any concrete race plans and decided that it would be more worthwhile to wait until I got to Vancouver.

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Finally made it to Vancouver

For those of you who I know well, this journey was a long time coming.  For those of you who don’t we will just leave it at the fact that a year ago I was supposed to move here and didn’t and now I am finally here!  I arrived on Tuesday morning to a grey sky, but my great flight (see my previous post) and a nap left me rejuvenated. We spent 8.75 to get ourselves home with my three 50 pound suitcases (not one of them was over the limit Dad!) and Matt’s hiking backpack as well as our carry-ons.

How did we get home for so cheap you might ask…. the skytrain and walking clearly!

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The Joy of Flying

Hello everyone, from the lovely city that is Vancouver, British Columbia.  I’ve officially moved, gotten settled in, and unpacked. I flew in on Tuesday morning at 9am PST and then went to work the next day at 8am! Today was the first day I saw the mountains and the sun, as it has been too rainy and cloudy to see them prior. It actually reminded me a lot of walking through Niagara falls – a constant mist. However, it is gorgeous, and I’m currently seriously enjoying myself!

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On Changes

I hate change and I’ve never been good at transitions. I take my time with everything — try to make sure its all in a place and its all organized. I can be a fly by the seat of your pants person but only when I have a stable place to come back to that is always the same.

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5 Things I Love About Birthdays

It’s my birthday! Or, as my now home with me after eleven months of separation boyfriend calls it, ” it’s your favorite holiday.”

To those of you who believe a birthday is nothing to be celebrated I say pish-posh! You had a long and arduous journey before you were here and that in itself is an achievement! I love birthdays, and here’s why.

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Ottawa Race Weekend Day #2

I’m so glad I picked Ottawa as the first place for me to race.  Even though it was far away, even though I drove a total of 11 hours in the course of 72 hours, it was worth it. On Saturday morning (race day!) I was convinced that I would just stay in, have a relaxing day, write some goodbye cards for people at work and some favourite customers — and that was 7am. By 7:30am, I was bored. Michelle had gone to work and I was wandering around the apartment feeling restless.  So I thought “I will walk to Rideau.” And it was a beautiful walk

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