Awards Ceremony

Hey everyone! I hope your Saturday’s are epic and wonderful.  I’d like to start by thanking you all for your emails, comments, and general discussion both on facebook and twitter regarding my letter to Lance Armstrong. It received a lot more attention than I expected, and I appreciate all your comments and was really excited to be able to generate some discussion on the issue. So thank you!

In honor of awards ceremony being upon us, I have decided to host a tiny little awards ceremony of my own.  And so, without further ado, welcome to the 1st annual Live Travel Eat and Run Awards show! *clap at your computer please and imagine thousands clapping with you*


There are no chairs provided. According to the theme of this years ceremony, we all begin with a one minute plank. Seriously, do it. I did.

Awards will be given in the following categories

Weirdest Search Term
Most Mysterious
Most Frequent Commenter
Cranky Pants Award
Far Reaches of the World Award
Song that Makes Me Move

Are you ready?  The ceremony begins with the most mysterious award.


And the LTER goes to ….  Manfriend!

Manfriend won this award. He is the most mysterious. He is however in one picture on the blog. I told him that, he demanded to see it, and then decided if anyone could find him he would give them an oreo. So you heard the mysterious man, there is an oreo up for grabs!

Isn't my boyfriend the hottest?

Isn’t my boyfriend the hottest?

The Cranky Pants Award is up next. I’m on the edge of my seat, who will win?


And the LTER goes to…

SPAM COMMENT FROM !!! Congratulations! I look forward to your extremely cranky acceptance speech!


“Past few posts are a bit out of track! Come on!”

(Also, if for some reason you turn out to be a real thing, you are still a cranky pants, and there is no actual award you get for being this cranky).

Who will be next? I cannot wait to see who wins the Most Frequent Commenter Award?!


And the LTER goes to…. KATE!! Recently overtaking the competition by 3 comments! Also, for the record, I super appreciate you all 🙂


It’s the first time the award has gone to an Australian!

Next up is the Far Reaches of the World Award!  I have been getting crazy views from places I’ve never even heard of.


The award goes to…. JERSEY AND GUERNSEY! For being awesome places I’ve never heard of and had to google. If you are my two viewers from this location, please email me and let me know so I can thank you personally for finding my little blog from your places of residence!

Runners up (with one pageview each) include: Macedonia, Puerto Rico, Kuwait, Mongolia, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Estonia, Turkey, Jamaica, Taiwan, Vietnam, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, Malta and Albania!

And shout out to me for knowing where all those other places are. Geography, its important people!

Now for a nail-biting category. The song that makes me move. Who will win? It’s a close call between Taylor Swift, Eminem, Rihanna, Nikki Minaj and Adele (bet they’ve never all been in the same category before)! And I’m sure they are all here waiting to see who the winner could be?


And the LTER goes to… EMINEM for Not Afraid. Seriously, try walking to this song and not running. I dare you.

This song has been played a total of 67 times on my itunes, the runner up is 34 with Taylor Swift’s “We are Never Getting Back Together.” I expect Eminem to show up at my apartment for his award, and I expect Taylor Swift to make this face. So unimpressed.

Now all we need is Jay-Z to interrupt the awards ceremony and steal the mic from Eminem so he can say how Beyonce deserved the award.

This is getting crazy people.

Next up, our final award.


This was a tough category. Weird search terms lead people to my site every day. Also, surprisingly common ones. If you want to win this award… do not use the term “live travel eat amalia” because that is not going to get you anything in this category. It’s not called “most common search award!” Although I’m glad people can find my blog that way.  Means I’m probably doing something right!

The Winner is.. PANDA DOING WORK with 5 searches for that leading to my site.  Also one search for Panda Tired of Work.   Apparently I refer to myself as a panda a lot.

Honourable mentions:

Had Fun Snacks With Her  (Manfriend thinks someone was searching for porn by this name)

I am a Rock Star

How Can I listen More to my Mom (this one gave me a good lol)

Nice Pictures for Time Management

Travel Porn (they were sorely disappointed!)

And my favourite, because I really hope this person found what they were googling for:

I am beautiful, I will success (YOU ARE AND YOU WILL!)

That concludes our first annual Live Travel Eat and Run awards ceremony! Now go hunt for that picture of Manfriend and he will mail you an Oreo.

Thanks for stopping by, and I will see you all next time!



10 responses to “Awards Ceremony

  1. My grandma is from Guernsey 🙂 And my Uncle Eric still lives there if you ever need somewhere to stay!

  2. Love your awards, almost think Kate could have gotten far reaches of the world award too – as Australia so very far far away from everywhere!!

  3. awww I love this!
    You’ve just reminded me to put that Eminem song back on my playlist as well!

  4. Oh my goodness. I cracked up!

  5. Bahahahahahahaha I am such a winner – love my back :-P. And thank you, and sorry for not being around so much lately. AND best search terms! Panda? Also, I totally spied on Manfriend on your FB profile.

    • You are a winner — and I’m glad you liked my Kate “go-to photo!” Don’t be sorry, life happens, but I did miss you! I won’t tell him you spied, he is my cutie and I love him. I don’t think he knows I have some of you on facebook (its my go-around of his anti-social media policy).

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