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Remember that family is important and value all the time you have with them.




First of all, this is my 75th post on this blog! Wow! That’s the longest I’ve ever blogged, ever. And I had a few blogs in my time. This is very exciting.

Second, I may not PR this coming weekend at my race. I’m trying to be okay with this, but I’m not. I’m really not. I want to PR so badly.

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“You’re not a failure, you’re smart”

Welcome to an epic From the Mouth of Manfriend.

On Friday Manfriend and I made a long-planned trip to Grouse Mountain to do the Grouse Grind.  I had the sniffles and wasn’t feeling 100%, but I thought “2.9 km, that can’t be too bad.”

Manfriend helpfully reminded me “It’s 2.9km with an elevation gain of 2,800 feet that is made up of 2,830 stairs.”

Me: “I can do it.” *cough, hack, sniffle*

We ended up going up the mountain. I had cancelled hiking on Manfriend the last three weeks so I think I was mainly sucking it up for the most part to prove I wasn’t going to ditch him while hiking. He remained silent and never once said anything on the matter, so I’m not sure why I felt I had to a) go hiking while sick and b) tackle this beast.

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Marathon Monday – Week 3

Hey guys! Happy Monday!

I have some cool news, I got a job today! A second one! Not sure how I’m going to pull this off along with half marathon training but it pays really well so keep your fingers crossed I can get through three months of it.  They have also already pre-approved my Christmas vacation so now all we need is for Manfriend to get a job here and I get to stay in one place for at least 11 more months!! For the first time since August 2011 I won’t be moving every month, two months or four months and I’m very, very excited.

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What inspires you to work out and do what you intend to do each day, especially when you don’t feel like it?

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10 days until I race again… and some weird rules

So this took me by surprise today.

I’m mid-week through Training Week #3 for the Half-Marathon (with 4/6 workouts complete so far) — and I got all excited today because my Mom is arriving in Vancouver in 8 days.

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Marathon Monday (On Wednesday….)

Hey everyone!!

I have not been the best at blogging lately, and I apologise profusely! But when my work schedule has me up at 3:30am and then I have interviews and meetings and such in the afternoons, I tend to lose track of time, and nap! Here is a lovely recap of last week for you.

My dailymile account is sad because I haven’t been updating runs, but I promise I have been doing the runs. You should see some improvement there today and not this sad, sad picture that arrives in my email.


I love dailymile. I am just failing at posting there right now!

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A (Very Late) Picto-Vation

Hey everyone!

I have had an extremely busy week — but I’ve had some adventures and gotten so much done. I can’t wait to sum it up for you all tomorrow!

I apologise for the late Picto-Vation this week but it seems like blogging every day in September was a good idea until I realized how impractical it was for me. Therefore, I’m scaling back to my normal 3-4 posts a week to bring you more quality and less quantity!

Today’s Picto-Vation is a picture that is really special to me.
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Happy Birthday Mom!

It’s my Mom’s Birthday. She is out enjoying the sun in Santa Barbara with my Dad. But as it is her birthday I wanted to share with you 15 reasons I love my Mom.

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Big News!

Hey guys! Most of you already know what the news is, but here’s a little video to help you out if you haven’t seen it yet. Let’s make this official!

When I posted to ask you what you thought my big news could be, a lot of you came up with great responses I didn’t even think of.  My favourite is that Manfriend proposed. TRUST ME — when that happens, you will know right away. There will be no game playing with that one!

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