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Dear New York City

Dear New York City;

Both the people and the place.

The past five times I have had the pleasure of being in your company you have astounded me.

Your strength and grace, the beautiful scenery amongst the concrete jungle, and the multitudes of arts and culture and food brought me in and welcomed me.

There was the time in Times Square in the blizzard singing Oh Canada cause we won Olympic Gold.

There was the time I saw the MOMA for the first time and was blown away.

Stepping foot on Ellis Island.

And of course, buying my first fake real purse.

Obviously the pajamas I bought at the zoo are my favourites.

The time I was so distraught and personally broken and the openness of your dream encouraging skyscrapers helped me heal.

Today I ache for you New York.

But I know you will recover. I know you will be different, and changed, but that’s your history. Hurricanes, terrorism, they have nothing on your spirit.

And, as the nurses who carried babies down flights of hospital stairs manually breathing for them, and the neighbours helping neighbours demonstrated yesterday, your people are just as full of spirit as you are.

Marathon or no marathon, you are and will forever be my city of dreams.

You’ve got this New York. And I’ve got your back.


Reminiscing and Adventure Choices

Exactly four weeks ago I ran my best five km time ever.  Immediately after, my Mom and I embarked on our trip down the coast to Oregon.  Oregon, you may be the most beautiful place on earth. And definitely a place where I could embody all of the things I try to share with you through my blog: Living, Traveling, Eating and Running.

It’s hard not to feel amazing in this place.

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I should listen to my Mom more… and a winner!

Hey everyone!

I honestly cannot believe its Thursday. Normally by now I would have worked my butt off at both jobs and be wondering how in the world I could be still standing. Today however, I’m wondering why I even went to work for 2 days this week. I’m still THAT sick.

Which is why this post is called I should listen to my Mom more (but don’t you go telling her that).

Today, I am doing nothing. Sitting on my butt either on the couch, at the desk, or in bed, and only hopping off to make meatloaf and/or cookies and/or apple crisp.


But before anything else I have a winner to announce! I had a giveaway for a whole bunch of gels — and the winner is comment number

23! There were 24 eligible comments (Comments where you “replied” to someone else’s comment weren’t included, and multiple entries were not included — i.e. if you posted multiple comments of what you liked to fuel your run, only one counted. Three entries max per person. Finally, comments after the deadline on the 22nd were not included either).

Therefore, the eligible comment belonged to:

@Mommygorun, aka the wicked pixie.  Congratulations! I will (I think I have already) contacted you on Twitter and get your address so I can send these fabulous goodies your way.

Thanks for all that entered and your comments were awesome!


I saw this today courtesy of Run Mommy Run (@mommyrunfast) and just HAD to share.

The giveaway has ended and our winner will be announced tomorrow!!

In the meantime, please love this picture.


Marathon (Monster) Monday

I wish I was incorporating the word Monster into the title of this post because it is almost Halloween.  But alas, the word monster is incorporated because as I tried to get up and go for a run before work on Saturday Manfriend so politically said:

“I love you, but right now you look like a glassy-eyed snot filled, frog-sounding monster, call in sick and go back to bed.”

I’m surprised Manfriend even recognized me.

I managed to negotiate putting on my running clothes and walking to the clinic. After a promise to indeed walk and not run there, I managed to escape Manfriend’s watchful eye and make it to the clinic where Dr. Gee (possibly the coolest doctor ever) said I had strep throat and bronchitis, and gave me a free doctors note to get me out of my two jobs for four days (again, coolest doctor ever).

Great. Can anything else delay my marathon training?

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It’s All About Energy

I’ve been working a lot these days as I’m sure you can tell from the lack of posts. I promise that they will commence at the same frequency as before, but I’m also moving at this time and our furniture and interwebs aren’t delivered until Saturday so bear with me!

Because I’ve been so busy I’ve learned quite a bit about fuelling for runs and for working 16 hour days (which is harder than a long run sometimes) – and that has resulted in an Energy giveaway!

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Surrey 5km Mayors Race Recap

Hey guys!

Happy Thursday Saturday (I started writing this on Thursday). I will be really excited when it is finally Saturday (I am). I work from 4:30am – 11:30pm tomorrow at both jobs, because of a scheduling issue that remained unresolved.  This has been a busy week with lots of work at 4:30 in the morning and lots of  house hunting.  But I keep reminding myself I’ve definitely had worse weeks, and that I had a major accomplishment not too long ago!

I am, in this moment, the happiest person in the world.

I may have gotten happier after the half a bagel and banana I got!

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Marathon Monday – Training Week 6

I’m starting Week 6 this week, which weirds me out a little bit. I don’t think I’ve gone nearly far enough yet. Following the program hasn’t really been my strong suit. I’m running a lot, but I don’t think I’m running far enough yet. Luckily, I still have time to recover and fix this before it becomes detrimental to my training plan.

I couldn’t do my long run yesterday. After working 15/24 hours I was so exhausted, and just needed to sleep and eat properly. I am currently, as I type, fueling for a long run today. Thanksgiving Monday is the perfect day to go 8km right? Me, my oatmeal, peanut butter, granola and banana sure think so.

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Happy Thanksgiving – A special Pictovation

Hey everyone! It’s Thanksgiving in the land of Canada and I am spending this weekend being thankful for so much.  First of all, this year I’m most thankful I discovered running.  Here, in a series of photos, is everything I’m thankful for this year.

I’m thankful for running.

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Traveling with Kate

Hey guys! I’m back from Oregon but due to some WordPress issues I never got my second guest post out — so I wanted to share that with you today! I was lucky enough to have Kate from Run With Kate write all about her adventures traveling!

Kate was one of my first friends here in the running/twitterverse/blogging community and I absolutely love reading her blog. I like to think of her as my Australian blogging counterpart.  So give Kate’s post some love, and then head over to read more of her blog! Continue reading