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Travel Tuesdays

Today’s Travel Tuesday takes us to the very VERY West Coast of Canada, Vancouver Island! I am actually super excited because tomorrow I will be on a ferry and my boyfriend and I are going to be staying in Victoria for a night, and spending part of the next day in Nanaimo. I am going to eat one of these, food-watching be damned.

Oh deliciousness. Here are the highlights I’m looking forward to.

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Power Plank Challenge and a Virtual Race for you to join!

Remember on Thursday when I said I was going to plank once an hour every hour for 8 straight hours?  Well, I DID IT! Yes, I did. Not only 8 hours, but 12!  The competition called for 8, but 12 was a lot of fun.

Here are my official plank times for the 8 hours

My plank times and the hour they happened in!

And a picture of me planking in my Starbucks apron at work.

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we are only limited by what we believe we can achieve. Believe that there is no such thing as impossible


Time for an update!

It is update day! I’m currently doing Plank-A-Day, trying to commit to my Fall 2012 running goals, tracking my healthy eating streak (which is slightly laughable at the moment, but at least I can find the humour in it all!), and having fun — so here we go with the updates!!!

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Some Good

Happy Wednesday! Today’s post is short, but sweet.  There has been a lot of negative in the news and in our minds this past week, so I thought I would pump up your week with two awesome stories to help you remember how amazing humans and our world in general can be.

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Traveling Tuesdays

I love to travel. There is pretty much nothing more that I love in the world (okay, maybe running).  When I am in one place for a long period of time I start to get bored.  So I figure a good way for me to get my travel fix in every week is by profiling a new destination that I want to go to every week. That way, when I’m rich (ha!) I can start to travel to these places.  This week’s travel destination is one I have visited a few times before, but a place I would like to go back to. My family is from here as well. Welcome to…

Budapest, Hungary

Look – a tiny me!

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Combating Self Doubt

Happy Monday Morning. I’m halfway through my work week, so although the rest of you are possibly dismayed at the idea of returning to work, I hope your weekends went well!! I hope you had adventures and loved every minute.

Today’s post talks about self-doubts.  We all have them. That little nagging voice that comes from inside your head that says “Maybe you can’t do this?”

I had it this weekend. On Saturday, I was at work, 8.5 hours and a tennis game and bike ride later I was thinking, I’m exhausted from this… how on earth am I ever going to run a half-marathon. And just like that I was considering dropping out of something I’m already working so hard to achieve.

Even in the land of cooking this weekend, I had a batch of cupcakes (my specialty) go very, very VERY wrong… like, un-salvageably wrong.  So when I went to make meatloaf for the first time Saturday night I was very worried my baking and cooking skills had collapsed much like the cupcakes.

They actually collapsed…. I’m still flabbergasted

However I tried, because beef is expensive and I didn’t want to waste it, and the boyfriend and I ate the whole pan (more on that later this week) and I realized, trying is what matters.  A quote really hit me today too.

Remember, finishing last is better than not finishing at all, which trumps never starting in the first place.

Remembering that is going to be the key. My feelings of self doubt about the half marathon dissipated after my first (and successful) long run yesterday. I’m sure they will return, and I need to figure out how to combat them.

Whether its in sports, life, a hobby, career, or relationships — how do you combat self-doubt when it strikes??


It’s Picto-Vation day, the day for pictures and motivation.

Today’s picto-vation is brought to you by my very own camera. It is also a day late, due to the impromptu post I made yesterday.

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything? – Vincent Van Gogh

Live Each Day.

This morning I woke up and found out about the deaths in Colorado, at a theatre, showing the Dark Knight movie.  Initial reports say twelve are dead and somewhere between 38 and 50 are injured, including a 3 month old and 6 year old.  My blog is usually very upbeat and fun, and I generally avoid commenting on social issues or politics.  But this morning, my heart is heavy with the unnecessary loss of more innocent people.

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Its Thursday!

The title of this post could be the most boring one I’ve ever written, but it is Thursday, and that is a fact.  This week I am slowly getting exhausted. I wanted to get up at 6am this morning and run on my day off but like normal plans had to be adjusted as some cramps settled in to my legs and I did the right thing — slept until 10.

(K, maybe not the right thing normally, but today, definitely).

I will be updating some parts of this blog soon, had some serious motivation from other bloggers and decided that there is a lot I want to talk about and change and slowly but surely this blog is becoming a serious labor of love! I am very excited to be all motivated and such.

Yay, motivation!

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