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First Day Workout a Success!

So I posted yesterday about how I got 4/7 days of my workout done last week (and two of those were rest days, so really, I only worked out twice) and how I was determined to do better this week. Yesterday was strength day, and I usually suck at this day if only because I’m intimidated by the gym.

But guess what…. SUCCESS! Was mine.

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The running plan… and consequent chaos

I started a running plan last Sunday. My race day is May 26th and I wanted to make sure I didn’t lose my  mind out there on the course in Ottawa, so a friend who read my one post from last week about me having no clue what I was doing very very helpfully sent me a race plan. Which I promptly put into motion.

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The Pink Lemonade Cupcakes and Icing Recipes!

As promised from my post last week, here are the Pink Lemonade Cupcakes and Icing Recipes!  They can also be found under the recipe tab in case you forget where you originally found them! Enjoy!

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The MS Walk!

I hope you all had as fulfilling and wonderful weekends as I did! Saturday I spent a lovely day with my family and had a lot of fun watching hockey and playing with the dog, those lazy-kind-of-Saturday things that are so special when you have time for them!

On Sunday, the fundraiser I had been organizing for the Walk for Multiple Sclerosis came to its end! Team Barista, a team of four of us from the Starbucks in my district came together.

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My Third Place

Part of our goal as Starbucks baristas is to create a “third place” for customers. A place that is not home or work/school (usually places one and two), but a third place — a place where they can come, be themselves, do what they need to do, have a good conversation if they want, but be left alone in peace if they don’t.

I realized yesterday morning that I have my own third place.

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Fighting Mid-Week Blahs (and a cupcake recipe!)

Happy Mid-Week Everyone!

For me its like a Friday, because I have a day off tomorrow, then one day of work on the actual Friday, and another day off Saturday! It’s pretty exciting!

I figured it was about time I do some baking and experimenting! The last time I baked was in early spring, I made some chocolate cupcakes with fondant daisies for spring. You can see them below

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My running pants are staring at me…

So I never made it out yesterday. Even though it was only going to be a light walk/jog, I was kind of disappointed. I stayed up too late the night before and couldn’t bring myself to run in the rain.

Then I had an amazingly overwhelming day at work. I love my job, but sometimes it gets on my nerves. My attempts at positivity failing I thought “I need a good run.” And then I came home and promptly lay down…. only to be stared at by my nike running capris.

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On Running (or trying to run)

I calculated the days until my very first race today: 42

I am no where near ready, considering I haven’t even been out on the trails/roads since my wisdom tooth surgery 11 days ago.

Before that I was doing my 5km runs in about 35 minutes, which isn’t fantastic, but I think is pretty good for a beginner who has no idea about pacing or how to carry a water bottle or whether to carry one when she heads out or a multitude of other things. Music, no music? Morning, Afternoon?

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Being a Barista

It consistently amazes me that I can go to work at 5am, have the craziest things happen that in many other jobs drive me crazy (people calling in sick, my key breaking in the lock, a sanitizer machine flooding the back room) and come out in such an amazing mood. I’ve finally boiled it down to the plain fact that the company I work for and the people I work with make a huge difference.

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First Post!

When I set out to make my blog and started thinking seriously about topics and themes, etc, one of the pieces of advice I got from fellow bloggers, google, and friends alike was “stick to one topic.” My initial response was to make a list of all the topics or ideas I find interesting: I want to be a better runner, I love baking (cupcakes with gumpaste and fondant decorations are my specialty), there is rarely a three month stretch where I don’t travel somewhere, and I am incredibly passionate about working for Starbucks, becoming a paramedic, and things like customer service and management.

Now I ask you — where is the theme in all of that?

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