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This is my 100th post

It may be really hard to believe (at least it is for me) but this is my 100th post.  Happy Birthday to me!


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Dear New York City

Dear New York City;

Both the people and the place.

The past five times I have had the pleasure of being in your company you have astounded me.

Your strength and grace, the beautiful scenery amongst the concrete jungle, and the multitudes of arts and culture and food brought me in and welcomed me.

There was the time in Times Square in the blizzard singing Oh Canada cause we won Olympic Gold.

There was the time I saw the MOMA for the first time and was blown away.

Stepping foot on Ellis Island.

And of course, buying my first fake real purse.

Obviously the pajamas I bought at the zoo are my favourites.

The time I was so distraught and personally broken and the openness of your dream encouraging skyscrapers helped me heal.

Today I ache for you New York.

But I know you will recover. I know you will be different, and changed, but that’s your history. Hurricanes, terrorism, they have nothing on your spirit.

And, as the nurses who carried babies down flights of hospital stairs manually breathing for them, and the neighbours helping neighbours demonstrated yesterday, your people are just as full of spirit as you are.

Marathon or no marathon, you are and will forever be my city of dreams.

You’ve got this New York. And I’ve got your back.

Reminiscing and Adventure Choices

Exactly four weeks ago I ran my best five km time ever.  Immediately after, my Mom and I embarked on our trip down the coast to Oregon.  Oregon, you may be the most beautiful place on earth. And definitely a place where I could embody all of the things I try to share with you through my blog: Living, Traveling, Eating and Running.

It’s hard not to feel amazing in this place.

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Traveling with Kate

Hey guys! I’m back from Oregon but due to some WordPress issues I never got my second guest post out — so I wanted to share that with you today! I was lucky enough to have Kate from Run With Kate write all about her adventures traveling!

Kate was one of my first friends here in the running/twitterverse/blogging community and I absolutely love reading her blog. I like to think of her as my Australian blogging counterpart.  So give Kate’s post some love, and then head over to read more of her blog! Continue reading

Travel Tuesday

Vancouver Island Part One: Victoria

Hey guys! It’s another exciting edition of Travel Tuesdays! These have become some of my favourite posts to write, and I’m so glad to hear that so many of you enjoy reading them! As promised, here are my reviews of places to be, places to eat, and a general summary of my trip from Vancouver BC over to the most Western island in Canada, Vancouver Island!

Before we even made it on the ferry I was excited!

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Where Did YOU Plank Today?

I’m in Victoria, so I want to keep this short – but I wanted to update you on a couple things. First of all, I won the Power Plank Challenge from last week! I won a tank top by Holly at running_baking. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me, and to all of you who completed the challenge congrats! And thanks to Holly and Mindy for hosting.

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Travel Tuesdays

Today’s Travel Tuesday takes us to the very VERY West Coast of Canada, Vancouver Island! I am actually super excited because tomorrow I will be on a ferry and my boyfriend and I are going to be staying in Victoria for a night, and spending part of the next day in Nanaimo. I am going to eat one of these, food-watching be damned.

Oh deliciousness. Here are the highlights I’m looking forward to.

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Traveling Tuesdays

I love to travel. There is pretty much nothing more that I love in the world (okay, maybe running).  When I am in one place for a long period of time I start to get bored.  So I figure a good way for me to get my travel fix in every week is by profiling a new destination that I want to go to every week. That way, when I’m rich (ha!) I can start to travel to these places.  This week’s travel destination is one I have visited a few times before, but a place I would like to go back to. My family is from here as well. Welcome to…

Budapest, Hungary

Look – a tiny me!

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Oh! Canada

Hello everybody! I am sorry I have been delayed recently, working from 4:30am until 1:00pm makes a sleep schedule crazy! I promise to be more vigilant with updates.  However, today I have to put a few I’ve been working on on hold because its Canada Day! I love this country, I love birthdays, and therefore Canada Day is one of my favourite days of the year!

Last Canada Day in Ottawa

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Finally made it to Vancouver

For those of you who I know well, this journey was a long time coming.  For those of you who don’t we will just leave it at the fact that a year ago I was supposed to move here and didn’t and now I am finally here!  I arrived on Tuesday morning to a grey sky, but my great flight (see my previous post) and a nap left me rejuvenated. We spent 8.75 to get ourselves home with my three 50 pound suitcases (not one of them was over the limit Dad!) and Matt’s hiking backpack as well as our carry-ons.

How did we get home for so cheap you might ask…. the skytrain and walking clearly!

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