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Surviving the 80 hour work week

Why hello strangers! I’ve clearly gotten a little bit busy since coming back from Ontario.  It’s been crappy weather, some respiratory illness for me and the flu for Manfriend, and , oh yeah, the mystical 80 hour work week reared its ugly head thanks to some extra guests at Job 2 this week.

(Note: That may sound sarcastic, but I’m actually grateful for their business. Keeps us busy in one of the slower months of the year and I prefer Job 2 to Job 1. Job 1 = necessity at the moment. Job 2 = loads of fun).

Life has been a tad crazy. Along with changes that I’m trying to figure out, I haven’t been able to work out (read: stupid respiratory illness) and I’ve been focused on recovering. Which is a good thing to focus on, but I’m tired of sitting still. I want to MOVE!

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Give me back my ‘sparagus!

Hello Everyone!
I’m back in the sunny snowy can’t make up its mind land of Vancouver after ten days in the province of Ontario.   Parts of Ontario are absolutely beautiful and I highly encourage people to visit up north and cottage country. But the area around where I grew up (with the exception of my neighbourhood itself) is pretty much highway. I’m a girl from urban suburbia who now lives in the big city.  I already miss my dog. There are quite literally one hundred pictures of her from this trip.


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I may be in love…

Don’t tell Manfriend. But I’ve found someone else.

photo 1

His name is Garmin. And when the running gods unexpectedly handed me a full day off yesterday, he let me run, in the rain (because he’s waterproof) and still know where I was and how far I’d gone. And I’m pretty sure the creepy guy who whistled from his truck was whistling at that guy. Cause he’s snazzy and all full of data.

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a weekly Pictovation. Today, I found this picture, and realized that I cannot wait to kick the Grind in the tush next year.  I’m sure you can all remember the disaster that was my attempt this year.It’s going on my inspire-board.

Do you have a picture that reminds you of your goals?

Remember this? I’m coming for ya next year!


Be an Elf for Health!

Hey everyone! I hope your weeks are going well! I’m really excited because I’m going to be an #elf4health this holiday season, and you can be one too!

But Amalia… what is an Elf4Health?

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I am a rockstar. Weekly Accomplishment(s)

This week has just been so full of awesome already I don’t know where to start.

Wait a minute, yes I do. I did something I have never done before this week.

Not only did I spend more time on a sport than I have in any other time in my life,

I ran friggin 12km.

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This post is slightly ridiculous, I’m just going to warn you all now. I’m in a funny mood and I don’t have the energy to write about anything in particular. My funk is over, I’ve slept a lot the last twenty four hours and worked even more in the last 48.

First though, we need to discuss something serious.  I am down a pant size. I am now a size 8.

the success baby… tell it like it is buddy!

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Marathon (Monster) Monday

I wish I was incorporating the word Monster into the title of this post because it is almost Halloween.  But alas, the word monster is incorporated because as I tried to get up and go for a run before work on Saturday Manfriend so politically said:

“I love you, but right now you look like a glassy-eyed snot filled, frog-sounding monster, call in sick and go back to bed.”

I’m surprised Manfriend even recognized me.

I managed to negotiate putting on my running clothes and walking to the clinic. After a promise to indeed walk and not run there, I managed to escape Manfriend’s watchful eye and make it to the clinic where Dr. Gee (possibly the coolest doctor ever) said I had strep throat and bronchitis, and gave me a free doctors note to get me out of my two jobs for four days (again, coolest doctor ever).

Great. Can anything else delay my marathon training?

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Marathon Monday – Training Week 6

I’m starting Week 6 this week, which weirds me out a little bit. I don’t think I’ve gone nearly far enough yet. Following the program hasn’t really been my strong suit. I’m running a lot, but I don’t think I’m running far enough yet. Luckily, I still have time to recover and fix this before it becomes detrimental to my training plan.

I couldn’t do my long run yesterday. After working 15/24 hours I was so exhausted, and just needed to sleep and eat properly. I am currently, as I type, fueling for a long run today. Thanksgiving Monday is the perfect day to go 8km right? Me, my oatmeal, peanut butter, granola and banana sure think so.

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“You’re not a failure, you’re smart”

Welcome to an epic From the Mouth of Manfriend.

On Friday Manfriend and I made a long-planned trip to Grouse Mountain to do the Grouse Grind.  I had the sniffles and wasn’t feeling 100%, but I thought “2.9 km, that can’t be too bad.”

Manfriend helpfully reminded me “It’s 2.9km with an elevation gain of 2,800 feet that is made up of 2,830 stairs.”

Me: “I can do it.” *cough, hack, sniffle*

We ended up going up the mountain. I had cancelled hiking on Manfriend the last three weeks so I think I was mainly sucking it up for the most part to prove I wasn’t going to ditch him while hiking. He remained silent and never once said anything on the matter, so I’m not sure why I felt I had to a) go hiking while sick and b) tackle this beast.

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