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Give me back my ‘sparagus!

Hello Everyone!
I’m back in the sunny snowy can’t make up its mind land of Vancouver after ten days in the province of Ontario.   Parts of Ontario are absolutely beautiful and I highly encourage people to visit up north and cottage country. But the area around where I grew up (with the exception of my neighbourhood itself) is pretty much highway. I’m a girl from urban suburbia who now lives in the big city.  I already miss my dog. There are quite literally one hundred pictures of her from this trip.


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Weddings and Running

I am ready to run.

After my pulled shoulder, pinched nerve, broken toe and overly emotional week I am ready to hit the road.  The most exercise I’ve had since December 30th is stretching to ensure I’m limber while catching the bouquet at Manfriend’s cousins wedding (which I didn’t catch).

photo 4

I’m just going to take my ipod and let  my nike running app do the tracking because I left my beautiful Garmin in Vancouver so I didn’t lose it. I have lost many things while being here so this is not an absurd possibility.

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The Year In Numbers!

I hope you are all out enjoying your New Years! I will be at home in bed with my stretched out weird neck trying to relax, most likely with a glass of wine! Here is my chosen recap of the year 2012, in numbers.


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All the Goals Shall Be Accomplished!

Hello lovelies
I’m writing to you from a state of relative immobility.  I had a fantastic weekend. Yesterday I saw Amaluna which I will be telling you all about soon. Today, I met with a good friend and my photographer for upcoming exciting things blog related Nathalie. She’s the greatest.


After I got home, I was cleaning the tub, because Manfriend always does it so I thought I would be nice. In the process, I wrenched my shoulder and pulled a muscle somewhere in my neck. Ouch.

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Live Travel Eat Run.. Love!

Today has been a much better day than most of the rest of the week. I’ve got my peppermint mocha (crazily modified because I work at Starbucks and make each drink so complicated), I’ve got my BexLife blissed in tank, my new lululemon sweater from an amazing Manfriend, my bottle of water, and Cat Stevens playing on my Itunes. I’m feeling a lot more refreshed. And this afternoon I get to go see Amaluna at Cirque de Soleil. It’s my first Cirque show. I’m excited.

Of course, your support and endless tweets, emails and comments have made a huge difference. Thank you for all your love and words of encouragement. Know that anytime you need me I’ll be here for you too! And speaking of love, this December myself and Live Travel Eat and Run got a lot of love the internet over, and I’m here to share those links with you!
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Tough Decisions

I have something to tell you all.
And its difficult.

I’m usually very light-hearted and humorous here and even when times are tough I throw a smile on my face and draw a funny picture in Paint that is horrendously bad.  But I never want to LIE to you. That’s just not what I’m about, and its certainly not what this blog is about. And its definitely not the message I want Live, Travel, Eat and Run to be or become.  So forgive me for the sombre note today’s post will strike.

I am not going to be running the WDW Half-Marathon, because I won’t be in Florida.

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ProCompression Socks Review and Christmas Giveaway

Merry Christmas to you all! I had a great Christmas Eve with Manfriend. I (successfully) made Goulash and he ate a whole bunch. Manfriend is a picky eater, so when something new I make is a success I make a mental note. We also exchanged one present and I got a video game I wanted and Manfriend got one too. It was great.

In honour of my 1000th twitter follower I wanted to be able to share my favourite running product with you. I wouldn’t have made it through this year without PRO Compression Socks. As many of you know, I faced a brutal shin splint monster in the beginning of my half marathon training and there is no way I would have been able to run more than 3 or 4 km at a time without these socks.

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Winners and the cursed half marathon

Hello everyone!

I apologise for the slight delay in the announcement of the winners for last week’s Local Artist Giveaway but I have a good reason for it, and its pictured here. Introducing my beautiful shiny Vancouver Emergency Room bracelet which I can add to my collection. It is blue, and was more comfortable than most.


I would say I’m accident prone but I think the word I’m looking for is more allergy-prone.  Who knew what it was this time. The best guess any of us has is chili peppers. So let’s add it to the list. All I know is one bite and I was in the emergency room, so I’m playing it safe from here on out. Eight minutes total from triage to a bed, so you know that they didn’t want to mess around.  Believe me, epipens and ambulances are NOT fun. Nor is leaving work. Ugh. Saturday was not a shining moment in my life. But, it happened, and now its over.

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I may be in love…

Don’t tell Manfriend. But I’ve found someone else.

photo 1

His name is Garmin. And when the running gods unexpectedly handed me a full day off yesterday, he let me run, in the rain (because he’s waterproof) and still know where I was and how far I’d gone. And I’m pretty sure the creepy guy who whistled from his truck was whistling at that guy. Cause he’s snazzy and all full of data.

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Sleeping Update

Okay, so I know normally I call this Marathon Monday update. But since I can’t wake up to my alarms it’s called the sleep update. I’ve been very successful at not sleeping through work (thanks body clock) but sleeping through my four alarms AND a bribe for MnMs – apparently no problem.


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