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Give me back my ‘sparagus!

Hello Everyone!
I’m back in the sunny snowy can’t make up its mind land of Vancouver after ten days in the province of Ontario.   Parts of Ontario are absolutely beautiful and I highly encourage people to visit up north and cottage country. But the area around where I grew up (with the exception of my neighbourhood itself) is pretty much highway. I’m a girl from urban suburbia who now lives in the big city.  I already miss my dog. There are quite literally one hundred pictures of her from this trip.


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From the Mouth of Manfriend – December Edition


I’m writing to you from my parents dining room table in Ontario (or Onterrible as many people in BC love to call it). Whatever it is, it’s mine. I am at my favourite writing spot with my favourite puppy. Feeling pretty good, minus my injuries.

I lasted less than a day in 2013 without being injured. Silly, accident prone me. I broke my toe on the airplane. It’s purple and bruised! But it was a fun flight. Manfriend was full of witty anecdotes as per the usual. I’ve decided its time for me to share with you some of the many witty things he said in December. So gear up for another edition of From the Mouth of Manfriend.

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Marathon (Monster) Monday

I wish I was incorporating the word Monster into the title of this post because it is almost Halloween.  But alas, the word monster is incorporated because as I tried to get up and go for a run before work on Saturday Manfriend so politically said:

“I love you, but right now you look like a glassy-eyed snot filled, frog-sounding monster, call in sick and go back to bed.”

I’m surprised Manfriend even recognized me.

I managed to negotiate putting on my running clothes and walking to the clinic. After a promise to indeed walk and not run there, I managed to escape Manfriend’s watchful eye and make it to the clinic where Dr. Gee (possibly the coolest doctor ever) said I had strep throat and bronchitis, and gave me a free doctors note to get me out of my two jobs for four days (again, coolest doctor ever).

Great. Can anything else delay my marathon training?

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