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Dear Lance Armstrong

Dear Lance Armstrong:

Tonight the world will flip their TV channels to the Oprah network. Reporters and bloggers will flock to see what it is that you shared with the woman who stands at the pulpit of the modern day confessional.  News stations will report on it for days.

I don’t know a lot but I know for certain I won’t be there. With the exception of what flies by as I scroll my twitter and facebook feeds, I will not read.  I will not click links, I will not pick up the newspaper or magazine. I am determined to not care about you anymore.

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Thirteen Bloggers to meet in 2013

The online community that we are all involved in is a lovely one, but can be relatively impersonal at times. At other times it can seem all too personal. Balancing your life outside of blogging and the life you lead in the blogging, running, twitter and other (read: sweatpink, fitfluential and girls gone sporty) communities can be tough.

The following is a list of 13 bloggers who have made my journey so far that much better, whose blogs I make the conscious effort to read as often as possible, and who are all incredible women I would love the chance to sit down for a coffee with in 2013.

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The Year In Numbers!

I hope you are all out enjoying your New Years! I will be at home in bed with my stretched out weird neck trying to relax, most likely with a glass of wine! Here is my chosen recap of the year 2012, in numbers.


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All the Goals Shall Be Accomplished!

Hello lovelies
I’m writing to you from a state of relative immobility.  I had a fantastic weekend. Yesterday I saw Amaluna which I will be telling you all about soon. Today, I met with a good friend and my photographer for upcoming exciting things blog related Nathalie. She’s the greatest.


After I got home, I was cleaning the tub, because Manfriend always does it so I thought I would be nice. In the process, I wrenched my shoulder and pulled a muscle somewhere in my neck. Ouch.

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Getting out of a Funk – Self-Love Time

Sometimes, life hits you in the face with a giant, fat brick of crap and you wonder why you even get out of bed.  You end up wishing silently that you have some excuse to not go to work so you won’t have to deal with the same stuff over and over again.

That was me last week. Seriously though, you have to remember that ITS OKAY to feel like that. It’s okay to feel like your life is being taken over by some psychotic force out of your control.

As long as you eventually realize that being hit by a truck is not going to make your day better, and spend some time in the sunshine, and slowly, but surely, you wake up and realize that things are not that bad. If you can’t get out of your funk, there may be something more serious going on, and I urge you to see a doctor. I mean, I’ve been there. Depression is not a joke, and not something to take lightly. It’s okay to ask for help.

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I should listen to my Mom more… and a winner!

Hey everyone!

I honestly cannot believe its Thursday. Normally by now I would have worked my butt off at both jobs and be wondering how in the world I could be still standing. Today however, I’m wondering why I even went to work for 2 days this week. I’m still THAT sick.

Which is why this post is called I should listen to my Mom more (but don’t you go telling her that).

Today, I am doing nothing. Sitting on my butt either on the couch, at the desk, or in bed, and only hopping off to make meatloaf and/or cookies and/or apple crisp.


But before anything else I have a winner to announce! I had a giveaway for a whole bunch of gels — and the winner is comment number

23! There were 24 eligible comments (Comments where you “replied” to someone else’s comment weren’t included, and multiple entries were not included — i.e. if you posted multiple comments of what you liked to fuel your run, only one counted. Three entries max per person. Finally, comments after the deadline on the 22nd were not included either).

Therefore, the eligible comment belonged to:

@Mommygorun, aka the wicked pixie.  Congratulations! I will (I think I have already) contacted you on Twitter and get your address so I can send these fabulous goodies your way.

Thanks for all that entered and your comments were awesome!

Marathon Monday (On Wednesday….)

Hey everyone!!

I have not been the best at blogging lately, and I apologise profusely! But when my work schedule has me up at 3:30am and then I have interviews and meetings and such in the afternoons, I tend to lose track of time, and nap! Here is a lovely recap of last week for you.

My dailymile account is sad because I haven’t been updating runs, but I promise I have been doing the runs. You should see some improvement there today and not this sad, sad picture that arrives in my email.


I love dailymile. I am just failing at posting there right now!

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A (Very Late) Picto-Vation

Hey everyone!

I have had an extremely busy week — but I’ve had some adventures and gotten so much done. I can’t wait to sum it up for you all tomorrow!

I apologise for the late Picto-Vation this week but it seems like blogging every day in September was a good idea until I realized how impractical it was for me. Therefore, I’m scaling back to my normal 3-4 posts a week to bring you more quality and less quantity!

Today’s Picto-Vation is a picture that is really special to me.
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Happy Birthday Mom!

It’s my Mom’s Birthday. She is out enjoying the sun in Santa Barbara with my Dad. But as it is her birthday I wanted to share with you 15 reasons I love my Mom.

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Happy Weekend = Happy Week

What a weekend! It was full of wonderful, now slightly fuzzy memories of gorgeous sunshine, good friends, lots of laughs, plenty of alone time, and even a few hours of peace and quiet blogging and writing at a cafe. What a wondrous weekend! They don’t come along like that very often.  I also baked kale chips for the first time and I’m excited to share the recipe I used with you!

A little bit of cafe love

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