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Give me back my ‘sparagus!

Hello Everyone!
I’m back in the sunny snowy can’t make up its mind land of Vancouver after ten days in the province of Ontario.   Parts of Ontario are absolutely beautiful and I highly encourage people to visit up north and cottage country. But the area around where I grew up (with the exception of my neighbourhood itself) is pretty much highway. I’m a girl from urban suburbia who now lives in the big city.  I already miss my dog. There are quite literally one hundred pictures of her from this trip.


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Be an Elf for Health!

Hey everyone! I hope your weeks are going well! I’m really excited because I’m going to be an #elf4health this holiday season, and you can be one too!

But Amalia… what is an Elf4Health?

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Foodie Pen Pals Reveal – August

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday!

I wanted to share with you all in more detail the wonderful items that were in my Foodie Pen Pals package from August. I will explain the program to you (and how you can join — with or without a blog) at the end of this post but for now feast your eyes on the ABSOLUTELY gorgeous bouquet of items I received from my penpal Bibi!

Bibi has a blog called Bibi’s Culinary Journey and you can check out her wonderful posts right here.

I was so blessed to have Bibi as my penpal. Hailing from the Okanagan in British Columbia just north of me I was astounded as to the wonderful items she put together from a place so close to home that I had never tried before. Bibi also wrote me a very genuine and lovely letter and included two brochures about the Okanagan and wine country.

Look at all that food!

There were lots of apple foods

Apple chips and bits

Some things for my sweet tooth

Locally made fudge and brittle

A sea salt mix (which I used on my kale chips) and some ice wine jelly (yum! I need to have lamb)

AND.. some syrups that I can’t wait to try with some baked goods

Huge thanks to Bibi, please check out her site its amazing — and what a great first foodie pen pal package!

If you want to know all about foodie pen pals and learn more (maybe even participate yourself!) you can head on over to The Lean Green Bean and see what it is all about.

Thank you again Bibi, and I cannot wait for this months package from a new penpal!

Traveling Tuesdays

I love to travel. There is pretty much nothing more that I love in the world (okay, maybe running).  When I am in one place for a long period of time I start to get bored.  So I figure a good way for me to get my travel fix in every week is by profiling a new destination that I want to go to every week. That way, when I’m rich (ha!) I can start to travel to these places.  This week’s travel destination is one I have visited a few times before, but a place I would like to go back to. My family is from here as well. Welcome to…

Budapest, Hungary

Look – a tiny me!

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Its Thursday!

The title of this post could be the most boring one I’ve ever written, but it is Thursday, and that is a fact.  This week I am slowly getting exhausted. I wanted to get up at 6am this morning and run on my day off but like normal plans had to be adjusted as some cramps settled in to my legs and I did the right thing — slept until 10.

(K, maybe not the right thing normally, but today, definitely).

I will be updating some parts of this blog soon, had some serious motivation from other bloggers and decided that there is a lot I want to talk about and change and slowly but surely this blog is becoming a serious labor of love! I am very excited to be all motivated and such.

Yay, motivation!

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