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Thirteen Bloggers to meet in 2013

The online community that we are all involved in is a lovely one, but can be relatively impersonal at times. At other times it can seem all too personal. Balancing your life outside of blogging and the life you lead in the blogging, running, twitter and other (read: sweatpink, fitfluential and girls gone sporty) communities can be tough.

The following is a list of 13 bloggers who have made my journey so far that much better, whose blogs I make the conscious effort to read as often as possible, and who are all incredible women I would love the chance to sit down for a coffee with in 2013.

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I may be in love…

Don’t tell Manfriend. But I’ve found someone else.

photo 1

His name is Garmin. And when the running gods unexpectedly handed me a full day off yesterday, he let me run, in the rain (because he’s waterproof) and still know where I was and how far I’d gone. And I’m pretty sure the creepy guy who whistled from his truck was whistling at that guy. Cause he’s snazzy and all full of data.

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Be an Elf for Health!

Hey everyone! I hope your weeks are going well! I’m really excited because I’m going to be an #elf4health this holiday season, and you can be one too!

But Amalia… what is an Elf4Health?

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