Give me back my ‘sparagus!

Hello Everyone!
I’m back in the sunny snowy can’t make up its mind land of Vancouver after ten days in the province of Ontario.   Parts of Ontario are absolutely beautiful and I highly encourage people to visit up north and cottage country. But the area around where I grew up (with the exception of my neighbourhood itself) is pretty much highway. I’m a girl from urban suburbia who now lives in the big city.  I already miss my dog. There are quite literally one hundred pictures of her from this trip.


One of the first things Manfriend and I did yesterday was make a grocery shopping list. We were painfully out of food. But what we didn’t realize was we are also painfully out of food IDEAS. We cannot, for the life of us, make up our minds about what to eat.  For pretty much an hour the conversation went like this.
Me: Okay, so we are having chicken one night and pork chop the other, we need two more dinners.

Manfriend: I don’t know. Tacos?

Me: Why don’t we look something up.

Manfriend: *after twenty minutes of googling* I’m out of ideas

Me: Okay, tacos. We still need one more meal.

Manfriend: I don’t know.

Me: Well I don’t know.

(repeat the last three lines about one THOUSAND times)

Manfriend: Let’s make this a cheat week and we will google and research all week so we eat better next week.

Me: (after five hours on a plane and on a three hour jet lag) Yes.

And it doesn’t help when the grocery store is out of asparagus and broccoli because of “weather in the States.” What are you guys doing down there? Give me back my ‘sparagus!

Bottom line is Manfriend and I have decided to eat better and become cleaner eaters. We are going to read labels and make food that we both like and that is a lot healthier than what we’ve been eating. I’m cutting out alcohol (I had a lot at home) until my birthday and we have both picked fitness goals to work on.

It’s really nice to have a buddy – someone to keep me accountable. One of my running buddies in the city is moving to Finland. SAD (for me)!!  Apparently they have excellent schools. Oh, yea, and he gets to run here.


Jeff, I’m not sure we can be friends anymore.

Manfriend is working towards a fitness goal of learning Parkour, and I’m working towards running my first half (again) which I just registered for! It should be fun. May 5th, here we come!

And apparently I’m Manfriend’s biggest motivating factor.

Manfriend: “I can’t let you get more fit than me”

Last year, that wasn’t even a possibility, this year, WATCH OUT MANFRIEND!

Any recipes/websites/clean eating tips you have to recommend?
Whats your major fitness goal this year?


2 responses to “Give me back my ‘sparagus!

  1. Love the clean eating idea!
    I don’t have a great diet when it comes to that..but when I do hit great/healthy streaks, I generally FEEL so, so good (so why do I stop?!?! ugh!)
    Main fitness goal is to do my first marathon this year – I hope!!

    • That’s awesome! Are you running the Toronto Marathon? I’m running my first half May 5 and planning out training and stuff as we speak. I’m trying to lose some weight before then so I carry less across the line.

      This is a new thing, the clean eating, so I’m just trying to make sure I know every single ingredient I put into my body. So nothing is really off limits as long as I either research it or know what it is. Today so far has been two clementines, a nonfat latte with two raw sugars, lots of water, an egg, two slices of cheese and a whole bunch of cucumber. I am hoping I can continue this streak!

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