Thirteen Bloggers to meet in 2013

The online community that we are all involved in is a lovely one, but can be relatively impersonal at times. At other times it can seem all too personal. Balancing your life outside of blogging and the life you lead in the blogging, running, twitter and other (read: sweatpink, fitfluential and girls gone sporty) communities can be tough.

The following is a list of 13 bloggers who have made my journey so far that much better, whose blogs I make the conscious effort to read as often as possible, and who are all incredible women I would love the chance to sit down for a coffee with in 2013.


1. Britt from Blissful Britt

One of my first blog followers and avid commenters was Britt. Her blog, Blissful Britt, is one of the ones I read daily (or as often as she posts). Her sense of humor, witty anecdotes, love for running and all baked vegan goods are what draws me back to her blog. That, and the fact that she unequivocally, unapologetically writes in her own voice. In her own words, “I live everyday trying to maintain “balance” and “bliss” between all aspects of my life. My veins run thick with chocolate, and I prefer broccoli bundles over roses.”

2. The Van Trio
I’m cheating here. I’m grouping the three ladies of Vancouver into one category because I can’t possibly leave any of them out. My blog, my rules! Solana, Nikki and Candice are the three ladies I’ve “met” who run in Vancouver. I would love to run a race with them (well, start a race with them since all three are much faster than me) or meet for coffee. They are among my most supportive followers and have come through for me when times are tough. You may remember this from such posts as Here’s To Tomorrow and the half marathon plan from Solana that helped me get on my way to running my half that is now off… but her help is still invaluable (and the reason I can run 16km).

3. Erin from A Storybook Life
Erin was one of the first people I met in the twitter verse and the first person who I made concrete plans with to hang out. But since I am not going to Florida anymore those plans will have to be postponed. Darn it, Universal Studios day was going to be the best. Erin is super supportive and blogs over at A Storybook Life about her quite literally storybook life with her husband. Take time to follow Erin’s epic adventures. One of the most positive people I know, Erin is truly a ray of light in the blog world.

4. Kate from Run With Kate
She’s living in my dream country (Australia) and has run a marathon which is a huge goal of mine. Her boyfriend Mr. The Rake is pretty much an Australian Manfriend. One of my goals for the next two years is somehow to get the four of us to hang out, together. Kate and I will run (and then have champagne) and Manfriend and Mr. The Rake will do, well, whatever it is they do. A woman who sticks to her morals and embodies the entrepreneurial spirit us bloggers all hope to have, Kate is one of the people I’m glad I “met” this past year.

5. Mindy from Road Runner Girl
One of the original planktweeps and a fellow Fitfluential, Sweatpink AND Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador Mindy is a multitasker and a huge source of inspiration. She lives a truly busy life but you can tell she loves it. Co-hosting the weekly chase this year along with Molly she is a leader in our wonderful blogging community. Mindy has long inspired me to get my plank time up there, and I am aiming for 1:30 seconds before my 25th birthday.

6. Abby from Back At Square Zero
I’d love to hang out with Abby and talk about recovering from injuries since that’s what both of us have been faced with lately. But her positive attitude towards it and her honesty about her life and goals are truly inspiring. Another initial planktweep, she is aiming to run 13 races in 2013 –>;; which is a goal I could only DREAM of achieving. I can’t wait to follow Abby’s adventure this year as she tackles her goals and continues to blog about it along the way.

7. Kacie from Savvy Sassy Me
Kacie is my foodie and weightlifting inspiration. She can get Manfriend to eat brussel sprouts which means she is capable of doing pretty much anything. She’s funny, she’s a cross-fitter, and dare I say it, she’s sassy. And she is truly herself! A great blogger and wonderful recipe-giver, Kacie is definitely a person I’d love to hang out with (and cook maybe?).

8. Liz from Liz For A Day
I love Liz’s blog and her personality. I would love to have a coffee and chat about travel and blogging. Her blog is gorgeous and although she occasionally crashes it herself (and is hilarious when she tells you about her “Lizaster”), she isn’t afraid to take risks. She also is one of my most frequent commenters and I look forward to what she has to say each day!

9. Gina from Noshing on Asphalt
Gina is a newer acquaintance and one of the ladies who created the holiday a day challenge. I had never read her blog before and started reading – I’m hooked! I think my favourite thing about her blog is that her bucket list is called “Before I Procreate.” Her clean-eating focused blog and life has inspired me to eat better! (Fun fact: I can’t spell asphalt so I have to consciously think before I type the URL of her blog. No spell check up there.) Her journey to her marathon is truly inspiring and I absolutely love her blog header. I look forward to reading more about Gina’s adventures in 2013.

10. Sarah from Mom Running on Empty
Sarah was also one of the original planktweeps I got to know through twitter. She shares her love of running with her whole family (I hope to do that one day or at least with my kids since Manfriend is a non-runner), and shares healthy recipes with her readers. Sarah was the first person to get me interested in being a Foodie Pen Pal with her July reveal, and has always been there to offer words of support, encouragement, or a US address if I need it (because I win a contest and I’m up in the Great White North).

11. Mary from Walks in the Woods
Mary I met on Twitter after I sent out a call for guest posts. I found her and her blog so uplifting I couldn’t not stop by again. Now I visit often. Mary is a self-proclaimed slower runner and I feel right at home talking about my runs with her. Just this morning her tweet was “I’m slow, but in my mind I’m running like the wind.” So true. I’d love to get coffee and go for a super fast run with Mary! I also think she’s the only blogger on this list from the UK – so clearly I have to go to London.

12. Mindy from Mindy’s Fitness Journey
My vlogging hero. Mindy uses video like no other blogger I know and I strive to learn from her about how to open up on camera! She is also, without a doubt, one of the strongest people I have ever “met.” Her fitness journey last year was incredible. I seriously consider her an inspiration and head to her blog or facebook page when I could use a little motivational boost.

13. Renee from Bendiful Blog
Renee was my first round elf4health partner. During one of the craziest two week periods in my life Renee was there and helpful and encouraged me to stay on track. Not to mention the recipes on her blog have made me stop wanting to eat out and start wanting to eat in more. She talks about style and fitness and food and all things wonderful.

Do yourselves a favour and check out all 15 of these bloggers (I know, I cheated) in the year 2013. You will definitely be glad you did!


31 responses to “Thirteen Bloggers to meet in 2013

  1. I follow alot of those blogs already, great choices!!!

  2. Sarah

    So honored to be a part of this list!! I’m joined by some pretty amazing women on it and some I am thrilled you have introduced me to!! Thanks so much for helping to make my 2012 a huge success. I look forward to a fabulous 2013 with you too!!!

  3. I love this post because you say exactly what you enjoy about your favorite bloggers. I had to laugh when I read about me. Thank you for you patronage as well. I love your blog. It truly adds value to my life. Blog on girl! 🙂

  4. Aw, thank you so much Amalia! What a great list; I’m truly honored. I love finding new and awesome blogs (like yours) so I’m headed over to check the few listed that I’m not familiar with. I’ll tell ’em you sent me. 🙂 Happy Friday!

  5. I am so honored to be a part of this list!!! Thanks so much Amalia! I read a lot of these blogs already but there are a few I haven’t read. I can’t wait to check them out!

  6. Great Post! Enjoyed the insights on each blogger 🙂

  7. OHMYGEEWHIZ! You have me blushin’ girlfriend! You’re always too kind and too sweet… and UM YES. I count down the days until we shall drink coffee (wait, you like coffee RIGHT?), cook for Manfriend(s), and PICK UP HEAVY OBJECTS AND PUT THEM DOWN! 😉

    • I love you and your caps Kacie. I love COFFEE!! Like love (I’m on my second cup now). PLEASE TEACH ME HOW TO PICK UP AND PUT DOWN HEAVY OBJECTS!

  8. Wow!!! such a beautiful post! I am honored to be on it and what you said about me made me cry! I feel the same love for you! I have learned so much, laughed a lot and planked a lot (not recently though…uh oh) You did a great job with this list and I will check out all the blogs I am not familiar with!

    • Mindy! You’re fantastic. I’m so glad you like it! We have learned and laughed and kind of planked for most of the year. 🙂 Here’s to 2013!

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  10. Some great blogs out there:) I also love Run with Kate and Liz for a Day – will pop in at the others.

  11. You are so sweet. Isn’t it crazy how connected the blog world is? I have such great blogger friends who I have never even met in real life, but I would totally consider you all friends. My nonbloggy people don’t understand this.

    • It is. Manfriend is one of those non-blogging, non-social media people who don’t understand that real connections can be made in the blogging world. I’m still trying to figure out how to finance my trip to Fitbloggin so I can meet some of you in person. I would consider all of you friends as well.

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  13. Amalia – I’m really honoured to be part of this list! Who knew fitness could bring so many different people together from all walks of life all over the world? It’s pretty amazing!

  14. You always make me feel so cool. lol 🙂 Such an honor to share my story with others!

  15. This post is beautiful. And I want to meet you too!

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