Amaluna, Packing, Dresses and a Winner

I clearly had trouble coming up with an appropriate name for this post. It’s kind of a mish-mash. I hope you were all safe and responsible last night. I was at home on the couch with wine and multiple episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

I’m leaving on a jet plane! I’m psyched to go home and see these lovable loons that I  am lucky enough to call family. I even get to see the puppy!


Manfriend took me to see Amaluna as my Christmas present. Appropriate, because when we went I was quite literally as excited as a kid on Christmas. If you have never seen a Cirque show, drop what you are doing, buy tickets and go. I mean, at some point, because its kind of expensive.

photo 3(1)

Look how beautiful the tent lobby was. And it was on a parking lot. Makes you rethink where you could have a good event, doesn’t it!

Amaluna was all about the power of women. The majority of the performers were female. They are the epitome of what I’ve been learning about this year. That being a strong and fit woman is much more important than being a skinny woman. That strong is the new skinny.

Most of the women in the performance are super strong. They can hang sideways on a swinging rope using only their arm strength and balance an incredible amount on their head. They are incredible athletes and an example of strength and beauty to women everywhere.  The video below is what got me so interested in seeing the show.

One of the performers is Lara and she is the balancing goddess. She retweeted me and favorited a few of me tweets after the show (yes, I had to tell the world immediately how awesome it was).


She was by far the coolest. Everytime I looked over at Manfriend his mouth was open in a big wide “O” — she did an amazing balancing act, and she’s beautiful to boot! Bottom line, check out the show. The tent is awesome, and so is the entire cast. The juggling guy was pretty sweet. And the Amazon Warriors – they’ve inspired me to find my Warrior Woman in 2013!

photo 1(1)

photo 2(1)


I’m currently packing procrastinating packing. I have a packing problem. All the presents I bought for my family, means I can take no clothes home.

So much space to bring presents back though!

So much space to bring presents back though!


I went shopping on Sunday with my good friend (and now officially hired photographer) Nathalie. I hate shopping. Correction: I used to hate shopping. New, size 8, lighter me – well, she loves shopping now.

It amazed me how good I felt about myself. I’m not perfect, but at least I don’t want to run and hide in a corner from the image in the mirror.  This is the dress I bought for Manfriend’s cousin’s wedding on January 5th. Oh, and I discovered another pro to not running the half marathon (the list is still short) –> I can drink at the wedding. Originally it was hands off all alcohol due to the race!

photo 2

Thoughts on the dress?

Pro Compression Sock Winner!

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