The Year In Numbers!

I hope you are all out enjoying your New Years! I will be at home in bed with my stretched out weird neck trying to relax, most likely with a glass of wine! Here is my chosen recap of the year 2012, in numbers.



Jan 1: 166lbs
Dec 31: 151 lbs (so close! But still happy)


Jan 1: No blog! The blog was born in March
Dec 31: 114 posts later!

Jan 1: No twitter!
Dec 31: 1042 (and counting) followers. Incredible since my goal was 100!

Facebook Page:
Jan 1: NO PAGE!!
Dec 31: 79 likes (and counting)

Kilometres ran before Jan 1: 0!
Kilometres ran as of Dec 31: Give or take 220km (My first run was March 14)
New Years Resolution Made! Keep better track of mileage!

Races Ran:
May 26 2012: Ottawa 5km: 36.22.6
Sept 30 2012: Surrey 5km (PR): 34.35

Lessons Learned:

Goal for next year: To harness the awesome from this year and take it forward! Happy New Year Everyone!



7 responses to “The Year In Numbers!

  1. Excellent weight loss, quite an achievement – and those Twitter followers, how do you do it? That is amazing! Have a great 2013:)

    • Thanks Robyn! I am looking to hit mid 140s this year but focus more on toning and losing inches so the weight isn’t big on the to do list! I participated in a lot of chats this past year which helped my twitter follower count I think!

  2. Sounds like you had an awesome year. Wow, I am still trying to draw people to my Facebook page. Maybe this year it will be a huge success. 🙂

  3. I am such a numbers dork. Posts like this make me happy.
    I am hoping to lose my last 15 lbs this year so it is motivating to see you were able to lose that in a year.

    • I love numbers too! And yet I am not a fan of math. I think its the obscure math that drives me nuts — the kind I can’t wrap my head around!

      Abby you can totally do it! And you know what — I think the best part was I was just keeping track of things. There was no pressure. I highly recommend tracking calories –> just as a guideline. That’s how I lost it!

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