Live Travel Eat Run.. Love!

Today has been a much better day than most of the rest of the week. I’ve got my peppermint mocha (crazily modified because I work at Starbucks and make each drink so complicated), I’ve got my BexLife blissed in tank, my new lululemon sweater from an amazing Manfriend, my bottle of water, and Cat Stevens playing on my Itunes. I’m feeling a lot more refreshed. And this afternoon I get to go see Amaluna at Cirque de Soleil. It’s my first Cirque show. I’m excited.

Of course, your support and endless tweets, emails and comments have made a huge difference. Thank you for all your love and words of encouragement. Know that anytime you need me I’ll be here for you too! And speaking of love, this December myself and Live Travel Eat and Run got a lot of love the internet over, and I’m here to share those links with you!

Amalia The Fit Nut – Run With Kate

I’m pretty sure its no secret how dear Kate is to me and how much I value her friendship. She’s basically me in Australia. Her boyfriend, Mr. The Rake and Manfriend even share a love for Pokemon and hatred of running. That’s why I was so excited to be featured as one of her “fit nuts.” Go over there to  check out the post and give Kate some love. Because at Live Travel Eat and Run, we just plain love Kate and her blog.

Amalia the Fencer – Crystal Fun2Race

Crystal asked about cool activities she could share with her readers for the new year and I shared my love of fencing! I bet you guys didn’t even know I fenced. I did, in Ontario. It started as a battle of the wits with an ex-boyfriend and as something to cure our relationship woes (which ended up failing anyways). But I was happy to share what I knew! Head over to Crystals blog, show her some love and read all about my fencing misadventures (there are many).

A Sporty Little Christmas Feature – Erin at A Storybook Life

Erin was one of my very first twitter friends in this whole lovely running community I’ve come to call home and I love everything about this girl and her blog! She featured me as one of the sporty people for her “Sporty Little Christmas” series and it was so much fun working with her on this. I was supposed to meet Erin (and a bunch of you) at the Walt Disney World weekend, but that will have to wait for now. Head on over to read more about me and check out Erin’s blog while  you’re there — give some Live Travel Eat and Run love to this great person!

Shape Magazine – Real People Reveal: How Fitness Changed my Life

This was a great opportunity and I’d like to thank Charlotte Anderson for interviewing me and showing my blog some love through an article for Shape Magazine. A magazine! (Let me freak out for a second and just say how cool is it that I’m in a magazine!?) When I was younger I horseback rode a lot and always wanted to be in the Olympics.  I was a dreamer, as we all were when we were younger. I fell and stopped riding, my confidence took a fall and running helped me recover after a bout with depression. It was nervewracking to talk openly about my experience with depression, but if we don’t talk about mental illness we will never be able to do anything about it. I can confidently say this year has been a game changer and I feel like a dreamer again! Head over to Shape Magazine (I still do a squeal saying that) and read all about me and the other 14 amazing fitfluential people who were featured. I hope some of our stories truly inspire you!

Look guys, that's me!

Look guys, that’s me!

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8 responses to “Live Travel Eat Run.. Love!

  1. Thanks Amalia! You know I adore you right back. I’m going to check out some of the other posts 🙂

  2. Enjoy! I’ve never seen a Circue show!

    • It was incredible. I’m trying to find the right words for it… the show was mainly women based – and these women were so STRONG. It was truly a case of strong is the new skinny. Perfect way to end 2012

  3. Love that you have a love for fencing 😎

  4. How exciting that you wee featured in Shape Magazine!! Glad you are having a better day:)

  5. Thanks Amalia! It was so much fun to feature you on my blog.

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