Christmas plans gone awry

Hey guys!

Merry almost Christmas! This is an interesting post for me to write. At the beginning of the month I listed eight or nine things I wanted to do this December to get in the Christmas spirit! I love Christmas. It’s my second favourite holiday (other than my birthday) and I celebrate it with a vengeance!

But this year, something happened.

That something was called over working myself! When a day off came around the last thing I wanted to do was leave my house for adventures, so one by one plans fell by the wayside.

Manfriend and I did not visit the Christmas Night Market, go to the Santa Claus Parade, see the lights at Stanley Park, shop in Gastown, visit The Peak Of Christmas at Grouse Mountain, hear a choir sing, see the singing Christmas tree, go to the Festival of Lights on Commercial Drive or go to Capilano to see the lights.

We did not do those things cause I was sick and tired! But do you know what we did do? We made our tree.


We built a gingerbread house


And we decorated with some lights.


And once again I’m forever grateful to the ladies who developed the holiday a day challenge and to Lindsay and Elle for creating Elf4Health because I got to stay in the Christmas spirit and the spirit of giving.

Not to mention Manfriend and I have cool things to check out at Christmas from now until we’re in our 40’s! And the money I made working was honestly worth it!

One thing we made sure to do was to see some lights. We went to check out the lights at Van Dusen Gardens in Vancouver! It was pouring rain, we were soaked. But it was great fun and we had a blast, going for dinner and then seeing the lights.


There was a gingerbread village and candy cane lane


And Make A Wish foundation was there. Manfriend donated to get me a sparkly wish necklace. And we saw the Lego Village that was built depicting some of the wishes that were fulfilled this year.



We got apple cider and met some of the Swedish gnomes.



One of the coolest parts was the literally hundreds of lights made out of empty plastic water bottles that were rescued from trash and recycled this year by the botanical garden!



There was a train outside too. One of the highlights of my evening was lighting a candle for a child who needs a Wish. When I was young one of my best friends in grade 3 had a stroke and Make A Wish Foundation gave him a lot of hope. I will always be a big supporter of theirs!




All in all it’s been a great lead up to Christmas despite being sick and working a lot! I’ve learned a ton.

Christmas Eve is tomorrow and if your family is European like one side of mine is (Hungarian) you know that means officially Christmas is here! Because that’s when we celebrate.

So tomorrow, in honour of my Hungarian grandmother I am making home made Goulash and Manfriend and I are exchanging a present to keep my family tradition going even when I can’t be home with them.

And I may have a present for you too! So stay tuned!


2 responses to “Christmas plans gone awry

  1. Sounds like you had a great holiday. All of those lights look amazing!

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