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Hey guys! I’m really excited about what I have for you today. Christmas and the holidays can be really overwhelming, especially when you have no idea what to get people! I have a few difficult people on my list (*cough DAD cough*) who I love very much and want to express that with my gift, so I always look local.

I asked my two favourite local artists from the places I have lived recently if they would be kind enough to offer their product up to you guys! So, if you have that difficult to buy for person on your list — look no further.

Giveaway One: Clippers Bow Ties (East Vancouver, British Columbia)

A handmade bowtie from Clippers Bow Ties. Artist Nicole takes fabric pieces and creates these incredibly beautiful and functional bowties. They’re clip-ons which means they’re great for even the most dexterity challenged individual since there is no tying necessary.

Nicole is also a great graphic designer, if anybody is looking! Her graphic design website can be found here. Clippers Bow Ties describes the bowties perfectly.

Need a bow tie?
Got a fancy party to go to?
Does your pet need to accessorize?
If so I have a bunch of bow ties available.


The denim bowtie


A canvas bowtie you could even paint on!


An upcycled bow tie – it used to be a vest!

One of my readers will win one of these awesome bowties from Clippers Bow Ties. It’s the perfect gift for that difficult-to-buy-for person in your life! Just so you know Dad, you are getting a bowtie!!

Giveaway Two: EllyLoo Creations (Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario)

I wore Elly’s handmade glass earrings she gave me as a goodbye present to Manfriend’s work party on Thursday night. And man, did those glass beads get a lot of attention! Elly hand makes each and every bead and turns them into absolutely gorgeous jewellry.

photo 1(1)

My ear and Elly’s earrings

Elly also has a line of pendants called “Hope Pendants.” These pendants are so beautiful, and their description is as follows. Hope gives us strength to rise above the adversities in our lives and carry on in spite of them. As you wear this pendant, remember to think about the things that give you Hope.



My favourite beads of Elly’s!

You’ll be winning a unique, one of a kind, handcrafted pair of earrings that Elly is making especially for this giveaway, as we speak! You can check out Elly’s complete line on her website.

So how do I win?

You can earn entries in various ways. Please leave ONE comment for each of the following things you do in order to earn the maximum amount of entries possible.

1. Leave a comment about what your favourite part of shopping local is and who your difficult-to-buy for person is! (mandatory)

2. Visit Elly’s website and tell me what your favourite part is!

3. Add @ellyloo on twitter

4. Like Clippers Bow Ties on Facebook!

5. Visit the facebook page for Clippers Bow Tie and tell me your favourite photo!

6. Tweet about the giveaway! Something like this: I’ve entered to win some cool local crafts from @ama_liab just in time for Christmas and so can you! http://livetraveleatandrun.com/2012/12/12/local-artist-giveaway/

So that’s a maximum of six entries per person, assuming you leave a comment for each thing you do!

I will draw two winners on Friday night at 11:59pm PST! One for the earrings and one for the bowtie!

Disclaimer, as per the usual. Open to contestants the world over (yes that means you Kate). I received no compensation or product for this giveaway, these are just two of my favourite artists agreeing to treat you! That being said, neither the artists or myself are responsible for any customs fees arising from the item being shipped over the border.

Now enter away! And Merry Christmas!


16 responses to “Local Artist Giveaway

  1. That is great that you are supporting local artist. 🙂

  2. I love shopping local because you find original items like no other! My sister is actually a very difficult person to buy for because she has everything! lol

  3. I love supporting local, and my fave is a lady that is part of my run club, and created Sporty Jewels, her motto is to reward yourself! She makes beautiful running/sporting jewelery – check it out – http://www.sportyjewels.com/

  4. I love supporting locals, and my fave is Sporty Jewels, which was created by Denise, a lady in my run club, who makes beautiful handmade jewelery to celebrate your running accomplishments – you can check her out at http://www.sportyjewels.com

  5. I like the dichroic glass purple on Elly’s website

  6. Love to support local merchants. And getting something very unique. Myhusband is hard to buy for cause when he wants something he just gets it for himself.

  7. LOVE the baby blue HOPE pendants. They make me think of the sky above sea waves. And I am a sailor after all!

  8. I do follow @ellyloo on Twitter

  9. I like Clipper Bow Ties on FB

  10. I like the photo of the 3 ties with the tags on them the best.

  11. I did tweet!

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  13. Thank you everyone for looking! I posted a picture of the beads that your earrings will be made of (whoever wins…) so go have a peek! Thank you for following me on twitter too. 🙂

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