I may be in love…

Don’t tell Manfriend. But I’ve found someone else.

photo 1

His name is Garmin. And when the running gods unexpectedly handed me a full day off yesterday, he let me run, in the rain (because he’s waterproof) and still know where I was and how far I’d gone. And I’m pretty sure the creepy guy who whistled from his truck was whistling at that guy. Cause he’s snazzy and all full of data.


That’s the main point of this post. I finally made it out. I think the 16km I was trying to fit into days that involve working from 5:30a-2pm and again from 5:30pm-2a and repeat was too intimidating. 16km is going to take me around 3 hours if you include prep and shower time and I did not have time to fit it in. So I wasn’t running at all.

Until the running Gods (and my work bosses) were kind enough to sneak in a day where I could get all the things done that were stopping me from getting out. Including buying my favourite fuel (Sharkies, for the record), and new running gloves (it gets cold in the wet rain)!

photo 3

Armed with all those goodies I headed out in the rain and the bad weather –> without my phone though. So no pictures of the actual run, but there is this pre-run picture.

photo 1

And this post-run picture.  Love my Garmin. Best gift to myself ever. I still use my other sports watch for other workouts — but a running specific watch is filling needs my overall fitness watch just cannot provide! Its still awesome though.

photo 4(1)

Look at all this pretty data. *drools*

garmin run

I also found K-Tape today in Shoppers! I didn’t have to order it online and pay shipping. Dear K-Tape, thank you for being in Shoppers. Very excited to try you out this weekend.

photo 4


My new #elf4health buddy does not have twitter — but she is a very avid emailer so shout-out to Emma for being my round 2 buddy!

My round one buddy, the awesome, incredible Renee, sent me this amazing package that I was so happy to get and so astonished to see since I didn’t expect anything!

photo 2

I got a beautiful card, an inspirational poster that I’m using for my half-marathon that she put together for me, some tea, and a headband that immediately went on my head and has only come off for work, sleeping and showering (to be fair that’s most of my day, but still!). Renee, I thank you for providing some extra motivation to my day and being such an amazing elf to me and others.

Challenge wise I fell a bit behind. My new strength move was using some kettleballs to experiment on Thursday.

Friday was makeup free day. I calculated the days I’ve been makeup free (at least 2700 out of the last 3000) and had a great time seeing all the other elves reveal their best selves without makeup. You were ALL BEAUTIFUL!

Saturday and Sunday we made weekly plans. This is DEFINITELY something I want to incorporate into my new year (its a new resolution to add to the list!)

Monday we drank water. I pride myself on drinking a lot of water, and then realized I actually don’t. But that’s okay, because that is what this challenge is about isn’t it!

Today we cleaned out our pantries and fridges. Mine is a lot cleaner in terms of my stuff, but Manfriend is a good clean guy and has the fridge super clean. So I’ve throw away some expired and not-so-healthy foods!

The #elf4health challenge has been amazing so far and I’m so grateful to be able to be a part of it.

Holiday A Day

I’m going to share all my Holiday A Day Photos with you from this month so far on Friday — and I’m really excited to have you see them. This challenge has been inspiring and I’ve enjoyed seeing all the photos everyone has taken. It has really added an element of joy to my holiday season.

A Special Giveaway

I’ve been working with some local artisans and craftspeople to present you guys with an opportunity to win some North American made, hand made goods that are really high quality!

The two products I have for you tomorrow I’m really excited about. These ladies work hard at their craft, and want to share some of the handmade goodness for those of you who prefer to buy smaller, individualized gifts for people sometimes!

There was a monkey in my hometown Ikea this week. Wearing a coat.

Aside from the fact I’m angry somebody thought owning a rhesus monkey in the city away from it’s natural habitat was a good idea, a monkey in a coat is too big a deal in these parts to pass up mentioning.

A monkey was loose outside a Toronto Ikea store on Sunday.

He’s in a coat!

A little motivation

Saw this on Facebook. Have nobody to give credit to, but it seriously got me thinking.

photo 2


4 responses to “I may be in love…

  1. I saw that monkey on my news here in the states! What a cutie! I’m thrilled you liked the elf motivation. I want a Garmin so badly I may need to play Santa to myself!

  2. Yay for running! You look super cute in all your running gear!

  3. Nice gift to self. 🙂 I was actually thinking of getting a Garmin. I have a Nike, but I’m on the fence as to which one will be better. 🙂

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