Sleeping Update

Okay, so I know normally I call this Marathon Monday update. But since I can’t wake up to my alarms it’s called the sleep update. I’ve been very successful at not sleeping through work (thanks body clock) but sleeping through my four alarms AND a bribe for MnMs – apparently no problem.


It’s okay though because I’ve been doing what Manfriend calls my version of multitasking. I update my blog on the train, like currently.


And I run all over the city from point a to b, and so sit-ups at work on break. My body may be determined to not get up and run cause it’s tired but my MIND is all over it. Plus my friend Will. He’s promised to harass me tomorrow until I get up and go for a run with him.

So thanks to my running buddies in the city and their insistence, my brain, and my desire NOT to sleep through any more workouts – this girl is gonna be just fine. And totally rock that half in January.

A little extra dose of positive thoughts from you probably wouldn’t hurt though!

Love ❤


One response to “Sleeping Update

  1. The look the guy on the subway is giving you is priceless…

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