Manfriend and Picto-vation

Manfriend is hilarious.

I know you’ve never met him and you have know idea what he looks like (he is hidden in the background of one picture on this blog if you feel like going on a Manfriend hunt), but he is hilarious.

The other day I shared with him a post from Run With Kate (one of my favourite bloggers) that Mr. The Rake (her Manfriend equivalent) wrote all by himself. It’s hilarious and explains why all us runners will die alone. You can read it here.

He laughed for like an hour. And declared he and Mr. The Rake were best friends.

We then had the following conversation.

Me: “You should write a post for the blog.”
Manfriend: “About what”
Me: “About anything you want”
Manfriend: “Amalia, if I write a post about anything I want its not going to be a post on nutrition, or health, or running, or fitness, or travel.”
Me: “That’s okay”
Manfriend: “Seriously though, its going to be a post about Pokemon — you’ll lose a lot of readers.”

He also read my blog for the first time the other day:

Me: “What did you think?”
Manfriend: “It’s words.”
Me: “It’s words?”
Manfriend: “It’s words”
Me: “And…”
Manfriend: “It’s words I still don’t get [manfriend doesn’t understand the purpose of social media]
Me: “And…”
Manfriend: “I love you?”

We also went out for Manfriend’s Christmas work party last night, and it was awesome! I wore a dress that had previously been to small for me, and is now too big. So that’s MY Picto-vation for the day. This dress was too small in January and too big in December. WIN!



8 responses to “Manfriend and Picto-vation

  1. LOVE that dress! Congrats on it being too big! 🙂

  2. I think Mr The Rake might like Manfriend too! The Pokemon line? He lost it! He also said ‘Pokemon used to be awesome but now there are too many of them. I mean, one’s a lawn-mower. WTF?’ (Curious to hear Manfriend’s thoughts on this).

    • I’m pretty sure Manfriend would agree. I will ask him officially when he gets home, but when we are out and he sees Pokemon stuff he goes “THAT IS NOT A POKEMON!” at anything that isn’t Pikachu or one of the original 156 (or however many it is)

  3. Manfriend does sound hilarious and that dress is super cute!

  4. Haha, I’ve asked my husband to post on my blog before too and he actually says he will but never does… Aka talks the talk but needs to start walking the walk 😛 I have no clue what he’d write but I’m interested to see!

  5. Love the dress! Super cute!! Nothing feels better than clothing being too big – celebrate! Although, if it was me, it would fit just right in January, after way too many holiday treats!!

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