Foodie Fun – Sharing fun snacks

This week has been all about food, food, food.  And elfing. And Christmas shopping. And crafting.
And injury recovering.

photo 3(1)

Look at this cute unique African themed tree at the Pacific Centre Mall!

All of Manfriend’s Christmas presents have arrived, as have the presents for my family members. I just have my Mom left to shop for and I know what I’m getting her but her and my Dad both read this blog so I can’t share with you, yet.

One of Manfriend’s gifts is a giant present (I had written more than this, but then Manfriend said he was going to read the blog, which he NEVER does. And I quote from the mouth of manfriend “It’s a good way to get me to read it. I always use what is at my disposal to find things out without peeking”). So details of this present are scarce but I promise a full picture when he opens it. This present also talks, and has recently enjoyed talking in the middle of the night.

I have kicked my suitcase (where we agreed Manfriend wouldn’t look for his presents) many a time at midnight to get it to shut up. Today I finally took the batteries out. Manfriend didn’t wake up. I worry sometimes about being robbed because I’m pretty sure we would both sleep right through it.

Except we wouldn’t.  Manfriend would throw down.

I digress. I have immensely enjoyed myself this week. I created an Advent calendar for Manfriend. It was easy peasy! Took some time, but he loved it (his first social media photo ever was of the advent calendar, and he even used a hashtag. #bestgirlfriendever. It’s true love).

photo 1(2)

I printed out things I love about him/gifts/coupons/trips we were taking around town (i.e. Christmas market, seeing lights) and assigned one to each day. Some of them even had other things attached (he saw me writing this and threatened to read it, so I can’t tell you what is on them). One day there is cookies (he already found those).

photo 2(2)

That’s my angry bird onesie in the picture

Then I backed them all on fancy scrapbook paper, strung up a ribbon and used clothespins to secure it all! As he takes each day down, we are using it to hang up our Christmas Cards.

photo 3(2)

It was fun and totally worth it! We also made our tree this week. We didn’t want to buy a tree because of the money and Manfriend has some serious love for his car and didn’t want to scratch it and we have artificial trees in Ontario. So he came up with the idea of MAKING our tree. Which has worked out super cool.

photo 5(2)

The penguins are on top of the tree. Teehee.

photo 1(1)

This is my favourite part of the tree, which also doubled as one of the pictures I took for the #holidayaday challenge I’m doing. This instagram challenge, run by a few of my favourite blog buddies, has been  so much fun so far.

photo 2(1)

Elf4Health has also been a blast this week. Yesterday I got to share an awesome salad dressing with my elf Renee. You can see her adaptation to it over on her blog. She made an awesome Raspberry version of my salad dressing!


Renee’s Amazing Salad – photo credit to her – and recipe for her version of the dressing linked above!

My salad dressing is just a simple combination of the following ingredients:

– some good oil
– garlic clove
– balsamic vinegar
– honey, salt and pepper to taste

This is the salad I made with it

photo 4(1)

Today’s elf4health challenge is to share a healthy snack with a friend. I decided that since myself and my coworkers all work so darn early in the morning that I would pack healthy snacks for us all.

We are guilty of running over to McDonalds (its so easy) or Subway (better, depending on the choices you make) often. Our jobs can be stressful (before you tell me being a barista is not stressful try being one in the neighbourhood I work in where I call the police at least once a week).

So – I personalized little snack containers!

photo 5(1)

I started with veggies in each container. Some carrot sticks and red pepper.

photo 1

For two of the girls (Becca and Krystle), I added my favourite granola, just enough to satisfy a sweet craving and fill them up for a few hours!

photo 2

For Adrian, I added some flax seed crackers. He is always eating crackers, and I decided to show him a healthy version (and my favourite to boot)

photo 3

And for Lee-Anne, I decided to add my favourite blue corn chips. She loves her chips (as do I) and I wanted to give her an alternative to some of the other varieties out there! This way she can try them without buying.

photo 4

I wrapped them all up and voila, little personalized snack packs for each of my staff tomorrow!

photo 5

It was so easy and ended up being so fun to create! I also wrote them each a note to go with their snack pack.


Snack Smart! Snack Fun! Snack Healthy! Snack Happy!

It was a great project for the middle of the week. I am seriously enjoying life minus the fact that I banged up my knee on the corner of my bed and haven’t run in a week. You’re welcome for not posting the picture I took. Trust me. The countdown to my half is SERIOUSLY ON, and I’m currently in a bit of trouble. I will figure it out though, just watch me. Meanwhile, I’ve been doing what I can in this beautiful city.

photo 4(2)


And enjoying all your inspiration and motivation from all over the web!


Wake up at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.

Love you all, and happy Hump Day!

What snacks are your favourite? Did you share a snack with a friend or friends today? Let me know!


2 responses to “Foodie Fun – Sharing fun snacks

  1. What a fabulous snack idea!! How sweet of you to make those. I love it!! Way to go on your elf challenge!! My favorite snacks are always stuff like fruit and yogurt and granola generally! Have a great one!! Spa ❤

    • Thanks for stopping by! SPA ❤ right back at you! It was so fun to make them, and we rarely eat healthy because we a) work at starbucks and b) are up really early and usually stressed so it was fun to give people good things to eat for a day! I really enjoyed it!

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