Marathon and Elf 4 Health Update

Hey guys!

I hope your weeks are going well, and that you are all healthy and happy and have spent some time sleeping and resting. Unlike me!

I basically look like this right about now

I am a tired panda.

But I have some good news! Doing this elf4health challenge has kept me on track despite the 80 hour work week (yes, you read right. I am in the midst of an 80 hour work week).

I ran, I have tried to sleep as much as possible, I did some awesome meditation this morning, connected with a friend, and I would like to shout out to my Elf Renee for keeping me on track! You can find Renee on twitter as @cusecomm or on her (AWESOME) blog right here.

So far this week, we have had a no meat day.

A day where we wrote letters to friends (or each other)

A day where we tried a new workout (I got my work friends involved in mine)

And today we woke up to meditate. I have no picture of that because I was home alone and busy meditating, not thinking about the blog.

Also, I have had some personal epiphanies the last little while. Working 80 hours a week all the time is too much. I have many things I want to focus on (like this blog, and school) and working two jobs is taking from that. So as of March of next year, Manfriend and I have agreed I will work at the hotel, and focus on school and the blog.

I have also decided to rid my life of coffee and most sugar. A significant cutback on both, lets call it.

Speaking of Manfriend, I made him an awesome Christmas surprise. You can all guess what it is — and I will post many details as well as a how-to on Sunday!

Thanks for putting up with my busy life and know that I have great surprises, posts, and giveaways planned for December!

I bid you goodbye in all my elf-y glory!


3 responses to “Marathon and Elf 4 Health Update

  1. Look at you busy busy lady! I’m impressed! The card holder idea is cute, I may need to try that at my house this year. Thank you for the shout out. You’re doing a great job! Today lets see how many different colors we can eat. I’m thinking a crazy veggie salad for lunch, and a stir fry for dinner. Have a great day!

  2. I am so glad you’ve had to chance to reflect and consider your life like that. Good to know you’ll be cutting back a bit! Elf 4 Health sounds like it’s doing wonders for you 😀

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