This post is slightly ridiculous, I’m just going to warn you all now. I’m in a funny mood and I don’t have the energy to write about anything in particular. My funk is over, I’ve slept a lot the last twenty four hours and worked even more in the last 48.

First though, we need to discuss something serious.  I am down a pant size. I am now a size 8.

the success baby… tell it like it is buddy!

So I bought a lululemon sweater. Normally Manfriend is very good at discouraging me from spending 108 dollars on a sweater – but I’ve been wanting this one for a while and I do need a really good sweater. So I bought it.

And three pairs of jeans, because my other ones actually fall off while I’m walking.

Despite all this my scale still hates me.  Everyone knows my goal is to get under 150 pounds by Christmas, and stay there for a while. My ideal weight is between 140-145 pounds so by next June I should be golden. However, the last three weigh-ins my scale has displayed these numbers.

Me: “Wow! Almost there! I can feel it!”

Me: “Ummm… okay… just a bump in the road, we’ll get it next time!”


I just cannot win with this thing.  I still have 6 weeks until 2013 which is when I wanted to be happily ensconced in the high 140’s so hopefully all this marathon training will let that happen. HOPEFULLY.

First long run since being sick is tomorrow – so cross your fingers for me. I’m using the dreadmill since its too cold and will be too late to run outside.

So since I look like this out of scale frustration:

I’ve decided to encourage you all to go enter my current giveaway that ends tomorrow night! If you want to win a pair of sweatpink laces (I have four to give away) you can go to my facebook page HERE and click “like” on the status that says “Wanna win a pair of sweatpink laces?”  Chances are pretty good right now cause there are not a lot of people entered and all you have to do is click “LIKE” on the post and on the page!

So get on that 🙂 and remember sometimes not all posts show up so you may have to click on the button that says “Highlights” and change it to “Posts by Page”

I hope your long runs, races, and lives are going well. And remember — if your man or womanfriend wakes you up to say they are going to the mall and would you like to come — the answer is ALWAYS yes.


10 responses to “Success

  1. way to go on the size 8, the 140s will follow!

  2. I usually don’t spend an extravagant amount of money on clothes either, but I have been in love with this Oiselle hoodie since it came out and it was $85 so I was putting it off and putting it off then I had an extra paycheck this month so I decided to treat myself and order it! Sometimes you just have to splurge!

    • It’s so true! I have basically worn that sweater since I got it – and it was warm enough to be worn by itself this morning! The other thing I discovered is racer back bras – my bra straps were falling at work and I wasn’t able to pull them up cause of my uniform so I was ecstatic to find them and wondering why it took me so long!

  3. Be as ridiculous as you like! Stoopid scale. I am so excited for you – and….good luck on the long run, if you haven’t already smashed it 😀

  4. Oh, my gosh! That’s awesome about the size 8! Sometimes the number on the scale isn’t reflective of health. Good luck with the run tomorrow! The whole buying new clothes thing after losing a ton of weight is in one way super fun and exciting, and in another way super expensive. Haha. But enjoy rewarding yourself.

  5. I would be very happy with a 150 lb size 8. You had to get new clothes. I think that says more then the scale does.

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