Getting out of a Funk – Self-Love Time

Sometimes, life hits you in the face with a giant, fat brick of crap and you wonder why you even get out of bed.  You end up wishing silently that you have some excuse to not go to work so you won’t have to deal with the same stuff over and over again.

That was me last week. Seriously though, you have to remember that ITS OKAY to feel like that. It’s okay to feel like your life is being taken over by some psychotic force out of your control.

As long as you eventually realize that being hit by a truck is not going to make your day better, and spend some time in the sunshine, and slowly, but surely, you wake up and realize that things are not that bad. If you can’t get out of your funk, there may be something more serious going on, and I urge you to see a doctor. I mean, I’ve been there. Depression is not a joke, and not something to take lightly. It’s okay to ask for help.

But if it is a regular funk, one that you will get over and you are just having a moment of sadness, I mean, at least your car has not been destroyed by giant hail balls

And your neighbourhood has not been over run by wild turkey vultures.

And on a more serious and realistic note, you have your home, your loved ones, your health (for the most part, I’m still getting over the cold), and you have not lost everything you love to a crazy storm.

So how do you get over those funks? How do you get out of the self-pity session.

Here are Amalia’s top five tips for getting out of a funk:

1. Wallow

Be sad. Seriously. Be sad, do whatever it is you do when you are sad without feeling guilty. Watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition if you need an excuse to cry and don’t want to feel like you’re crying for the wrong reasons. Man, when they shout “MOVE THAT BUS” its a waterfall for me, and it just won’t stop.

Also Ty is hot, which doesn’t hurt when you’re a sad monkey.

Eat Pretzel M n M’s, the whole bag if you want. One bag is NOT going to kill you. Or derail your hard work. Whatever you do or eat, you are NOT allowed to beat yourself up for it. That is the only rule of wallowing. I may or may not do this often and I may or may not tell myself that its to collect the 8 movie coupons that are going to let me and Manfriend go to the movies for free where I can inhale another bag of Pretzel M n M’s, but I digress.

I love when my candy has a face

Cuddle up with your favourite blanket and toy and do whatever it is you want for at least four hours.

Do not think about what needs to be done or how the world will end without you in these four hours. The point is to let the world deal with its own crap for a little while so you can help it later.

Would you rather take the time to hit the reset button and let the world handle itself or do everything half-ass for the next little while? Exactly, grab the toy, blanket, puppy, child, whatever and settle in for some snuggles.

She is all snuggle ready all the time. You can borrow her if you want, but since she never leaves my Mom’s side, good luck with that.

2. Discover the problem

Feel free to head back to Wallowing if you need to. But wallowing should get shorter each time, and if the wallowing lasts longer than two or three days — I suggest getting professional advice. You could be suffering from something more serious than just a funk, and as I said above — that is something you need to reach out and get help with.

There is no shame in asking for help, ever. Remember that please.

Now, onwards to discovering the problem.

The problem can be simple, as simple as your boyfriend forgot to get you your favourite kind of ice cream and for some reason that really makes you mad. OR, the problem can be very complex, have roots deep into your childhood and be something you need to address.

But once you’ve figured it out, then move forward.  I figured out that I was worried about my half marathon, tired of not making a career decision, tired of being sick, tired of my own job, and plain just tired in general.

I figured this out by checking in.

Once you have your mountain of problems all figured out, or at least partially figured out, move forward.

3. Access Resources

Get out there and ask for help.  This does not make you a weaker person — everybody needs a hand sometimes.

Whether its your Man or Womanfriend making you tea

Your awesome twitter friends banding together to make you feel better and creating a run plan for you  (Thanks @SolanaLeigh)

Or you finally getting that one thing done that has been weighing on you since you’ve moved here with the help of some government officials,

Access your resources!

4. Make a plan

Hit the restart button. There are bumps in any road

Just ask the guys at apple..

Get a plan down, for every problem. If it’s the ice cream, tell Manfriend how you feel and go buy it yourself.  If it’s running, agree with yourself to take more rest until you feel better and like you can run, and then go for it.  If it’s life decisions like school, take a bit more time, but make a decision. I’m going to go back to school for Paramedicine, if I don’t like it, I will review it in a couple months. But until I try I won’t know.

5. Pamper Yourself

Time for a little self-love.

Get some of your favourite coffee

Look at ridiculous pictures that make you laugh

My brother and Dad are growing moustaches together

This baby is an adorable star wars baby

Take yourself out for dinner or lunch

Buy yourself something nice

Or whatever floats your boat. But remember, funks are okay. Getting out of them can be hard. It is always okay to ask for help.  Also, I am not a doctor — so take this advice at your own discretion.  And as my BFF Zoeey Deschanel says,

Sometimes life can be plain hard. But you’ll get through it!



12 responses to “Getting out of a Funk – Self-Love Time

  1. I’m a big fan of step 5…usually involves Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate!

  2. Way to go Amalia! I think this is a post I’ll come back to again. I hope you’re ok :-(.

    I think you’re fabulous, and I love reading your blog. Thinking of you – those poor M&M never stood a chance!

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  4. What a fantastic post, Amalia! I wholeheartedly agree with all your recommended steps! Sometimes life knocks you for six, and generally I find this happens right about the same time I get sick, so am feeling crap anyway! I’m glad you’re feeling better – take some extra pampering time if you need it (and hey, we all need lots of this!) 🙂

  5. You are so freaking awesome! Yes, sometimes we need an excuse to cry. I just FINALLY after quite a bit of time, had a really good cry the other night.

  6. Yes. To all of this. (Thanks to Kate for sending me here.)

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