When’s the last time you “checked in” and my big fat dilemma

Alright guys, let’s get serious for a second.

This month I’m supposed to be blogging all about health — for National Health Blog Post Month. And I am, and its been good and such.

But let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Are we really healthy? Time for a self-health check.


Physically, are we healthy? Let me stop for a second and really think about this. In one way, I am the healthiest I have ever been. I can confidently call myself a runner. I weight the least I have in a long time (probably about 7 years), and the inches are slowly going away.  These are all good things.

But I’m sick. I’ve been sick for three weeks.  I run on a significant lack of sleep sometimes, and I eat well, although I could eat better.  Nothing hurts though, and there is no chronic aches or pains that are surfacing.  So physically I’m alright.

I just need to kick this cold, get more sleep, and search for healthier recipes.  Problem is, I need sleep to do it.

So if I were to rate my physical health, right now it gets this rating:


A lot of us think often about our physical health… but what about our emotional health? Surprisingly for me, this is probably the area of my life right now where I am the most stable. I know what I want, and I’m determined to go get it.  I’m happy, if not busy, and generally in a good mood if not slightly crazed from all the work. So I rate my emotional health with a

Mental Health

I’m a worry wart. A big, fat worry wart. I worry about money, about work, about school, about relationships. I try not to worry that much, but sometimes it just happens. I worry I’m not going to get everything I want to done. I worry I’ve forgotten something.

I worry.

It doesn’t seem to have much impact on my overall happiness, but it is a problem currently. With two jobs on the go, one I don’t like but can’t leave and the other one being done half-ass because I’m tired most of the time (see physical health), I worry.

Clearly we know how this one checks out.

The Health Dilemma

So here is the dilemma, world of the internet, friends I’ve never met, people I have who read my blog (which still gets me sometimes, when someone I’ve known forever mentions something from here). What’s the plan?

I have to work these two jobs through the holiday season. It only makes sense. I can’t leave the one I don’t like because that one is the reliable, full time, with benefits job. Leaving the other one doesn’t make sense because it is in my career field of choice in a place I love, and because it is casual it will slow down exponentially come January.

So its two months of both jobs, and less sleep. And less time for training, or recovery.

I’m supposed to be healthy, and training for a half marathon. I want to run that half so badly it is kind of killing me to even consider not running it.  But is 10 weeks, maybe 9 if I can’t get rid of this cold right away, even enough to train for someone whose longest run is 8km?

Your input would be much loved and appreciated here, fellow internet runners and bloggers — because I’m feeling pretty discouraged.

What are your thoughts?
Do you have a dilemma you need to share?
When is the last time you checked in to your health?


11 responses to “When’s the last time you “checked in” and my big fat dilemma

  1. Oh I definitely need to check in more often. I feel great about my running but I often wonder if I am healthy or supporting myself in every other way I need to, you know?

    • Yea for sure!! I am sure there are more ways to check in. I think I’d like a quarterly check in or something — maybe I could start that. I know there are things I could do better!!

  2. I’m making moves to get my mental and physical health back on track. I just took a job which cuts my commute from 1.5 hours each way to 5 minutes each way. Can’t beat that!

    • Not at all – what a great move. Studies show people who have commute times under 20 minutes are generally happier and more involved in their communities

  3. Could you do a walk/run for the half? I am doing my first 10k in TWO WEEKS and never run more than 3 miles straight. Once, I did 4 miles walk/run.. so I’m freaking out.. but I plan on doing a walk/run so that way I know I’ll be able to finish, if not for speed, but for the sense of accomplishment!

    • That’s the goal. My Mom and I were considering not going, but then she was like “even if I have to make my way onto the track and walk the last few kms with you we will do this!”

      Good luck with your 10km — I hope that it goes awesome. Just get through the finish line – and please please share how it went!

  4. I could definitely use more sleep and less stress! Even if the stress is self imposed…

    • My stress is largely self imposed too! I spend a lot of time being indecisive. Imagine what we could do with all that time if we made decisions more quickly or with less stress! The lack of stress would be so helpful!

  5. I love this post. I will be checking in more often. 🙂

    • I’m so glad! I hope you check in often! I have gotten things up and running again now that I’m feeling better so we should be good to go 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

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