Bike ride of a lifetime… and still sick


How are all of you? I feel like I am at a loss for words these days (my coworkers would be laughing so hard at that statement because I actually never stop talking).  I mean that I am at a loss for blog topics, all because I am not running. Which makes me sad. But trust me, I am keeping busy, and I definitely still made it out for an epic bike ride (which is probably the reason I am still sick), in the pouring Vancouver rain.

Soaking wet, right through, after a 45 minute bike ride

You might be thinking to yourself.. “ummm why would you go bike riding in the rain not fully recovered from bronchitis?”

That is a good question, friends. Well, first off, I was tired of doing nothing. Second, my lovely partners at work were tired of getting poked in the eye by my bike while reaching for vanilla syrup or mocha, and although they weren’t complaining very often, I still want them to love me and leaving my bike in the relatively small back room to attack them during the Christmas season didn’t seem very nice. And finally, I could have used the bus (cause the buses here can carry bikes) but buses make me nauseous and people smell on the bus when it rains. And last time I was on the bus, someone puked. That was when I decided maybe paramedicine wasn’t for me.

So I wrapped up my backpack as best I could (with a garbage bag, standard Starbucks issue) because I forgot my backpack cover and rain pants at home (of course I did).  It fell off, but luckily my cell phone was inside underneath an umbrella.

Made sure my lights were on (they now need a really really good wash, much like my work pants).

And got mad dirty on this bike ride home.

This is my “I’m really proud I got dirty and didn’t complain” face. Also, my bathroom has two doors, which weirds me out.

I learned a lot on this bike ride. And here is some of the good and bad I learned.


1. Bike riding when sick = bad idea. Bike riding while sick in the rain = worse idea. Still sick.

2. The bike ride home from work is uphill for 24 blocks at least. And when I say uphill, I mean Vancouver style uphill.

3. Without rain pants and a bike guard, your butt gets soaked really really fast when you’re biking in the rain.

3.5 Wet butt = uncomfortable.

4. It can be hard to breath when you’re sick and biking, just a note for the future.


1. My mental strength has grown by leaps and bounds.

Before this impromptu bike ride home, I was seriously considering dropping out of the Disney Half. I only have 11 weeks or so, and I’m still sick, so its going to be a challenge. After biking home, I decided to give it a go, and if I decide I can’t do it, I will run the 5km and still go to Disney. But the 1/2 is the goal.


There is a track by my house. Like a real running track made with actual track material. I know this because in my directional daze I almost biked on it and then quickly realized and swerved. I was going to take a photo, but since I was frozen and it was raining I decided not to.  This means that my three pronged attack on fitness is now complete. I have the outdoor world including a track for tempo workouts, an indoor gym that I’m joining this weekend with a pool and classes including yoga, and my home studio which consists of myself, my yoga mat, and occasionally dvds. Wahoo!

3. I don’t give up easily anymore.

A year ago, if someone had told me I had to bike home for 45 minutes in the rain I would have told them they were insane. On top of that, my work was a 5 minute WALK from where I was living, and I wouldn’t actually walk. I would drive. I am so glad I have changed my habits, and it shows — even though I have been relatively inactive for 20+ days now because I’ve been sick, I have not gained weight or lost a large amount of the cardio ability I gained. This all gives me hope.

4. It was actually fun

It was fun. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed a bike ride in the soaking wet world and coming home covered in mud. I don’t recognize this part of myself, but I sure as hell love her.

5. The basement bike room isn’t actually as scary as initially thought.

Bike room and emergency room.

Its largely empty because its there for emergency situations where residents need to take cover. It’s also a place for people to party when they don’t want to disturb their floor (apparently…). I feel bad for the people who have been told they HAVE TO keep their kids bikes down there cause I can imagine these hooligans drinking and riding the kid bikes. Ugh. Hooligans. But main point is, I’m not terrified of this room any more.

I have now commenced a weekend of no work, staying indoors, sleeping mad hours, and staying relaxed — in order to recover. Being sick is the pits — but you can read all about how I’ve been staying busy tomorrow. Trust me, I’m quite inventive when I have no running time.

2 responses to “Bike ride of a lifetime… and still sick

  1. I love that you biked!! I need to get on my bike more, there are soo many hills by my house and it’s so cold that I am just a big wimp!

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