Dear New York City

Dear New York City;

Both the people and the place.

The past five times I have had the pleasure of being in your company you have astounded me.

Your strength and grace, the beautiful scenery amongst the concrete jungle, and the multitudes of arts and culture and food brought me in and welcomed me.

There was the time in Times Square in the blizzard singing Oh Canada cause we won Olympic Gold.

There was the time I saw the MOMA for the first time and was blown away.

Stepping foot on Ellis Island.

And of course, buying my first fake real purse.

Obviously the pajamas I bought at the zoo are my favourites.

The time I was so distraught and personally broken and the openness of your dream encouraging skyscrapers helped me heal.

Today I ache for you New York.

But I know you will recover. I know you will be different, and changed, but that’s your history. Hurricanes, terrorism, they have nothing on your spirit.

And, as the nurses who carried babies down flights of hospital stairs manually breathing for them, and the neighbours helping neighbours demonstrated yesterday, your people are just as full of spirit as you are.

Marathon or no marathon, you are and will forever be my city of dreams.

You’ve got this New York. And I’ve got your back.


3 responses to “Dear New York City

  1. I’m totally with you Amalia. New York is an unbelievably awesome city. I know how the legendary cab drivers are supposed to be cold…but last time I was there the driver gave me hints on how not to tailgate so I could tell my son that was most important to being a good driver. Or how we paid for the express line up the empire state building and because it was raining there was NOONE there but the guy smiled at us and said “you stlylin”. Or sitting in the 4th row of Once and meeting someone who knew both leads and my husband bought drinks for both of us cause we were crying.
    New York is just an amazing place and I know the people will rise to support each other and New York will continue to always astound and amaze us. I always go to the Moma to see Starry Starry Night. Just so I can cry. Because beauty has no boundaries and no definition and it reminds me of that. And then we go on from there to all the other things that are timeless and special and difficult that it reminds me of. Beauty is
    not easy. So it is with New York.

  2. Nice one, babe…Dad

  3. So powerful Amalia. xx

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