Reminiscing and Adventure Choices

Exactly four weeks ago I ran my best five km time ever.  Immediately after, my Mom and I embarked on our trip down the coast to Oregon.  Oregon, you may be the most beautiful place on earth. And definitely a place where I could embody all of the things I try to share with you through my blog: Living, Traveling, Eating and Running.

It’s hard not to feel amazing in this place.

Living Life to the Max In Oregon”

Cannon Beach is a beautiful town. Except for the scary tsunami warning signs everywhere (which in hindsight are actually probably a good safety measure because within a day I knew exactly which mountain to climb should the sirens go off) its a beautiful place.

We definitely made the most of our two full days. Our hotel helped a little as well. We stayed at The Ocean Lodge which is as beautiful as it looks on the website.

view from my bedroom

I always think I would love to live in places like this, but then I think visiting them is better. I think after time I would get desensitized to the sun, and the ocean, and the view, and the general beauty of it all.

The hotel also boasted a gorgeous upstairs library with bay windows overlooking the hotel grounds. I planned on reading as a rainy day activity, but thankfully, it didn’t rain.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Oregon without a fire on the beach

We had smores on the beach on our last night. S’mores and wine. In addition to the fire on the beach and the exploration, I felt most alive when I was flying a kite.

I haven’t flown a kite since I was a kid. And I must tell you, go out and get a kite.

My happy kite face

The trip was so good for stress relief. At the time, Manfriend and I had to move in 15 days and had no apartment, he had no job still, and we were just general balls of stress. I can’t help but be happy and laugh just looking at these pictures.

We look really alike here I think

It always helps to have a travel buddy who is someone who enjoys living life to the max as well. So obviously, having my Mom around was the best part.

Traveling to/in Oregon”

Oh did we ever have crazy adventures.  We got pulled over by a State Trooper in Washington (thank you again kind Sir!) and we were reliant on the technology that is Mildred (our GPS).

And I also definitely may have broken the rental car a bit. But then I also fixed it. So go me!

I’m super proud of myself

Honestly there are two keys to traveling that I will share with you in this moment. Key number one: Roll with the punches. Seriously, you cannot travel somewhere all uptight and itinerary oriented because I guarantee SOMETHING is going to get all screwed up. My mother and I call this phenomenon “Making Adventure Choices.” You can’t find your hotel? Make an adventure choice and stop somewhere else. Need to pee and there is nowhere to go? Make an adventure choice and use that outhouse. You are never lost, you are making an adventure choice! I don’t believe in being lost!

Key Number Two: Ask locals for places to visit AROUND your destination. You’re already somewhere new, why stop there? There is usually a hidden gem just around the corner from where your destination originally was that is easy to get to. In our case it was Ecola State Park.  (Note: they filmed part of Twilight here).

There were people surfing here (not near the rocks, obviously)

Still takes my breath away

Being aware of local travel advisories is always important.

And obviously sunsets are a must, anywhere you travel.

Eating in Oregon”

I gained SIX pounds on this trip. SIX. In three days. I ate my face off. And I do not regret it at all.  Note, it was mostly alcohol. I generally don’t drink unless I’m on vacation, and my Mom and I had wine with dinner and a few cosmos here and there. Why not? It’s vacation for a reason! Insert: food porn.

Home made nachos, everything made from scratch.

We went to the same restaurant all three nights. This broke my golden rule of try everything, but it was within walking distance from the hotel, our server put up with us wonderfully, and they did not fry anything. Everything was baked or grilled. And they made those nachos from scratch. I ate those nachos three nights in a row.

You cannot go near the beach and not have seafood (unless you’re allergic)

Mmmm… delicious noms.

Running in Oregon”

I got my fastest five km ever done in Oregon, that is, if my Nike+ app is to be believed (which it usually isn’t). I ran on the beach. It was my most memorable and best run so far.  I made my Mom take a pic of me running, but I also ran by myself one morning.

Running in Ecola State Park.. in jeans (not my 5km)

These are the views I had when I went for my run on the beach one morning.

I also attempted other forms of exercise while I was in Oregon. I did lots of yoga on the beach

And I planked, just for you #planktweeps


If things go wrong when you travel, you can’t get caught up in them, make it an adventure.

Make sure you have an awesome travel companion (even if she scares you when she’s driving up roads that are giving her vertigo)

Take time to reconnect with yourself, and who you really are.

And don’t forget to love every minute of it.


3 responses to “Reminiscing and Adventure Choices

  1. I LOVE Ocean Lodge. That is our go-to Cannon Beach spot!

    Did you eat at Mo’s? That’s kind of an Oregon Coast tradition. Famous clam chowder. (Though not quite as good as it was before it went corporate a few years ago.)

    I love “adventure choices”! I think I will use that next time we’re out adventuring.

  2. I am so proud of you and the 5km and this crazy year of yours! Now I want to go fly a kite :-D. I am also seriously impressed with your car fixing efforts

  3. Looks like you had an awesome trip!

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