I should listen to my Mom more… and a winner!

Hey everyone!

I honestly cannot believe its Thursday. Normally by now I would have worked my butt off at both jobs and be wondering how in the world I could be still standing. Today however, I’m wondering why I even went to work for 2 days this week. I’m still THAT sick.

Which is why this post is called I should listen to my Mom more (but don’t you go telling her that).

Today, I am doing nothing. Sitting on my butt either on the couch, at the desk, or in bed, and only hopping off to make meatloaf and/or cookies and/or apple crisp.


But before anything else I have a winner to announce! I had a giveaway for a whole bunch of gels — and the winner is comment number

23! There were 24 eligible comments (Comments where you “replied” to someone else’s comment weren’t included, and multiple entries were not included — i.e. if you posted multiple comments of what you liked to fuel your run, only one counted. Three entries max per person. Finally, comments after the deadline on the 22nd were not included either).

Therefore, the eligible comment belonged to:

@Mommygorun, aka the wicked pixie.  Congratulations! I will (I think I have already) contacted you on Twitter and get your address so I can send these fabulous goodies your way.

Thanks for all that entered and your comments were awesome!


3 responses to “I should listen to my Mom more… and a winner!

  1. great job on the blog and on the giveaways, miss rockstar! keep it up! XOXOX

  2. Seriously, first giveaway win ever!
    It’s like Christmas!!!
    Hooray for new products to try!!!

    Thank you so much & get better sweetheart!!!

  3. I hope you feel better really soon! And congrats to your winner. Sounds like it is a first for her… so exciting!

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