Marathon (Monster) Monday

I wish I was incorporating the word Monster into the title of this post because it is almost Halloween.  But alas, the word monster is incorporated because as I tried to get up and go for a run before work on Saturday Manfriend so politically said:

“I love you, but right now you look like a glassy-eyed snot filled, frog-sounding monster, call in sick and go back to bed.”

I’m surprised Manfriend even recognized me.

I managed to negotiate putting on my running clothes and walking to the clinic. After a promise to indeed walk and not run there, I managed to escape Manfriend’s watchful eye and make it to the clinic where Dr. Gee (possibly the coolest doctor ever) said I had strep throat and bronchitis, and gave me a free doctors note to get me out of my two jobs for four days (again, coolest doctor ever).

Great. Can anything else delay my marathon training?

Let’s do an honest recap here. I’ve run 10 runs since the beginning of September, with my last run being October 8th (yes, I am sadly aware it’s the 22nd today). There is a total of 79 days until I am supposed to will cross that finish line. My longest run (which I’m still super proud of FYI) was October 8th at 8.5km.

I have done ZERO activity since.

I work two jobs now, which isn’t the issue, its the whole move-into-new-apartment-no-food-no-furniture-don’t know the area-don’t have a gym thing, plus the whole strep-throat-bronchitis thing. You know, those things.

But also, new comfy bed. No more sleeping on the floor.

My plan was to start running again this week. But instead, I’m being forced to bundle up and stay inside, in the above comfy bed, and sadly mourn the passing days where I am not outside running and training.

So what do we do? Adjust.


1. Make sure scheduling with jobs is not wrecking my sleep and/or exercise potential. I may have to spend less time at my casual job and take the monetary sacrifice. My health is the priority.

2. Rest until the bronchitis is gone. Tough for me if I want to go out and run, running while sick is not going to help things at all.

3. Make or find an eleven week half marathon plan. Assume I’m okay to run in a week (when the antibiotics are done). Re-adjust goal to just finishing. Whatever the time, I will be happy with it.  No longer is my goal to run the whole 13 miles.

4. Eat clean. If I can’t workout, I’m going to eat so that when I can again I will be all fueled and happy.

That’s it. Four little goals, just to get me going again.

Giveaway Reminder:

I’m so grateful that you all have stuck with me while I took an unplanned hiatus, but I’m back! And excited to be here.

There is a giveaway that is going on until TONIGHT at midnight EST (so technically tomorrow if you wanna get all technical with times and stuff).

You can link to it here

Until next time!




2 responses to “Marathon (Monster) Monday

  1. Great goals to get back on track! Don’t beat yourself up – and, pro tip from the injured runner, if you run out of time to make up mileage, the elliptical might be a great option to get your fitness happening after a run?!

  2. Hope you feel better. I know that it sucks to be sick and it throws you off your game. Unfortunately rest is always the best medicine, no matter what our brains tell us. 🙂

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