It’s All About Energy

I’ve been working a lot these days as I’m sure you can tell from the lack of posts. I promise that they will commence at the same frequency as before, but I’m also moving at this time and our furniture and interwebs aren’t delivered until Saturday so bear with me!

Because I’ve been so busy I’ve learned quite a bit about fuelling for runs and for working 16 hour days (which is harder than a long run sometimes) – and that has resulted in an Energy giveaway!

When you work as much as I do and get little sleep it’s even more important to fuel your body properly – especially before, during and after workouts.

I’m giving away these twelve awesome items. I know which one my favourite is (for the record it’s the clif energy gel that’s 90% organic) – which one will be your favourite? You have to enter to find out!


Also please note the new hardwood floors. Gorgeous right?

How do you enter?

Well, to enter, you just have to do one of the following. The more you do, the more chances you have of winning, as long as you ensure that you leave a comment below for each item you do.

1) Reply to this post with a comment about how you like to reload your energy during a busy day or long run and what your favourite gel/bar/fuel is

2) Tweet the following: “I’m entered to win an energy prize pack from @ama_liab and you can be too –”

3) “Like” the blogs page on Facebook. Make sure I know it’s you (ie if you like my page with your page and not your personal profile). You can do that here.

Remember, leave a comment for each of those things. Don’t put it all in one comment, that’s just one entry! Leave separate comments for each – so up to three comments.

And… good news for my international friends, I’m willing to ship anywhere.

Finally, a disclaimer: should the items be rejected by the customs officers of a country I am not responsible for them not being delivered, and please read all labels carefully for food sensitivities and allergies as I am not responsible for any ill effects caused by consuming the above products!

The giveaway will close Monday, October 22 at midnight EST.

Now, enter and have fun, and stay fuelled while you stay busy!


33 responses to “It’s All About Energy

  1. Hi Amalia!

    I have yet to find an energy source that works for me .. I’ve been thinking about trying energy gels but I don’t want to put money into something I’m not sure will work! So maybe if I win one, I’ll find one that works 🙂

    • I’m with you mamalego! I hate to spend money on things that either don’t work or are yucky!
      Winning these would certainly be a step toward finding products that will get us through those LONG runs.
      Won’t it be fun to look back on our training to see when 6 miles was a long run!

  2. Dunkin Donuts Iced Tea (unsweetened) gives me the boost I need. When running, I prefer powergel.

  3. Miss Sweat Pink Ambassador/Superwoman!
    I have liked your facebook page!

  4. For my energy, I make my own protein balls! Oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolates chips, honey and flaxseed! Pop them in the fridge and they’re ALWAYS ready when you are!

    • I have made these too, but instead of peanut butter I use almond butter. I leave it in the fridge in a bowl so I can have spoonfuls whenever I like…a great substitute for cookie dough!

  5. And I have just successfully tweeted! Weeeee!

  6. I’m still working on the whole refueling thing but when it comes to running, so far Power Bar Chews and Sport Beans are my favorite but I’m thinking I’ll need more for my upcoming marathon. During the day, carrot sticks and nuts do the trick!

  7. Just liked your Facebook page too!

  8. I like your FB page already…and I am a Honey Stinger Snob – love love love!

  9. I make my own protein bars and shakes to give me a boost. I have been looking into the gels, but have not tried them yet.

  10. I liked your Facebook page Joanna Broadbent

  11. I like GU best for now…still new to the gels!

  12. Currently my favorite bar is the ThinkThin White Chocolate.

  13. For additional fuel, I like the orange FRS chewy (tastes like an orange tictac) and the GU Chomp Watermelon best.

  14. Lately I’ve been loving to bring fresh dates from the farmer’s market with me as fuel for my runs! They’re perfect because they’re natural and sweet and give me the right amount of energy!

  15. I like your facebook page!

  16. So far, I’ve enjoyed Honey Stingers for energy and Vega Energizing Smoothies

  17. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  18. I liiked your FB page!-Jenelle Glover

  19. I like GU and Chocolate #9 and CLIF Shot Bloks to refuel while running… for after runs I like protein powder drinks. Nice giveaway.

  20. I did Tweet

  21. I like your FB page from mine Eat Run Sail and I just left you a comment there.

  22. I’ve tweeted! My twitter handle is @mommygorun 🙂

  23. I liked your FB page already but left a comment (mommgorun)

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  25. I am following the FB page: Live Travel Eat and Run.

  26. those look so good!!

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