Surrey 5km Mayors Race Recap

Hey guys!

Happy Thursday Saturday (I started writing this on Thursday). I will be really excited when it is finally Saturday (I am). I work from 4:30am – 11:30pm tomorrow at both jobs, because of a scheduling issue that remained unresolved.  This has been a busy week with lots of work at 4:30 in the morning and lots of  house hunting.  But I keep reminding myself I’ve definitely had worse weeks, and that I had a major accomplishment not too long ago!

I am, in this moment, the happiest person in the world.

I may have gotten happier after the half a bagel and banana I got!

My Mom and I went to pick up my race packet on the Saturday, which was a little bit inconvenient. I saw lots of people picking up packets on the Sunday, and I wish I had known that was an option. It kind of meant that two of the hours my Mom and I had together were spent in the car, but that’s alright. Manfriend got an awesome present out of it, cause my Mom loves him.

It was awesome having my Mom here.

Can you tell we are related?

The Saturday was the first full day my Mom was here, so it was busy, and full of amazing food. Probably too much food.  Sorry if the picture is a little fuzzy, but thats home-made tortilla chips with a seven layer dip and cute little salad.

I gained six pounds… in six days.

And then there were the sangrias (and wine, and cosmos).

The best Sangria in Vancouver is at Havana’s on Commercial Drive. Food is amazing too.

My pre-race set up

So after carb loading and visiting with three different people (Mom’s friends!) Saturday I finally fell into bed for a good nights rest. And I set up my clothes and ended up wearing something COMPLETELY different for race day, because it was COLD. 11 degrees celsius, 51.8 for you farenheit folks.

Pre-race me

Then my Mom and I took a few pictures.

We get silly pretty fast, its awesome. Also, note the man stretching in the background.

One of the coolest things about the 5km was that there was a gentleman who was 101 racing in it as well! He holds the record for the fastest marathon for 95-99 year olds and the fastest marathon for 100+.  That’s crazy! He finished the 5km at 36 minutes and something, just two minutes behind me. I passed him and he was running with his whole family, it was epic, and the community also rallied behind him.

He is the man in the yellow!

We did the race warm up with someone from a local gym or running club. He led us, and we did it… or this… may have been my version.

I am the most awkward ever in this picture.

And they’re off! Well, corralled.

(Insert approximately 33:58 seconds)

She’s approaching the finish line!

The race itself was great. There were a few situations where I almost got hit by a car (at one point the car drove through the pilons blocking off our half of the road, which was not in anyone’s control) — and there was one segment where cars were ignoring volunteers and driving down the race. A police or traffic control presence there may have helped.. but the rest of the race was awesome.

I’m proud to say I PR-ed with a time of 34.10 — after all that worrying — and it was a great time. I will definitely race that 5km again next year.

What’s the best race you’ve had lately? When is the last time you had a PR? Have you ever had a close encounter with a car during a race?


7 responses to “Surrey 5km Mayors Race Recap

  1. You and I, wait you….no I…no You…are the best ever.

  2. Woohoo for PRs! Fabulous race. I cannot believe cars were near the course though, yikes!

    • I was a little surprised myself! There were kids running it! There was one road where they were letting cars through intermittently and they kept nearly sidelining me. The worst was when the volunteers would wave a car through thinking there was space between runners — when there wasn’t and I’d have to slow.

  3. Congratulations! Good job girl!

  4. Congratulations Amalia! I’m so, so sorry I didn’t see this post earlier. I feel all proud of you from afar. Amazing effort!

    The best race I’ve had recently was the marathon :-). The best PR was in July when I ran my first proper 10km race.

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