Marathon Monday – Training Week 6

I’m starting Week 6 this week, which weirds me out a little bit. I don’t think I’ve gone nearly far enough yet. Following the program hasn’t really been my strong suit. I’m running a lot, but I don’t think I’m running far enough yet. Luckily, I still have time to recover and fix this before it becomes detrimental to my training plan.

I couldn’t do my long run yesterday. After working 15/24 hours I was so exhausted, and just needed to sleep and eat properly. I am currently, as I type, fueling for a long run today. Thanksgiving Monday is the perfect day to go 8km right? Me, my oatmeal, peanut butter, granola and banana sure think so.

I missed Marathon Monday last week because I was on vacation, so we will recap the goals from two weeks ago.

These were my goals for Sept 24- 30

1. All three runs

I don’t think that happened, but I can’t remember. Let me check my phone.  Actually, apparently it did happen! WOW! A FULL WEEK OF TRAINING COMPLETE! How is that not something I remembered?  I went 13.03 km that week. One of them was my race.

2. PR my 5km race on Sunday (this one is a tad scary)

I definitely did PR! More details on this tomorrow, but I ran the race in 34.10 chip time — which means I knocked 2.30 off my last time! WHAT!? I’m getting faster 🙂

So its a little tiny and blurred… but it says I ran in 34:10 at a pace of 6:55 to come 75/204 women and 12/17 in the W20-24 category. I checked, and the first woman in my category barely broke 30 — so I could probably win next year if I work hard enough!

3. Yoga (secret: already accomplished)

I did yoga that week, but did not while I was in Oregon. Unless you count downward dog on the beach (which I kind of do, to be fair)

4. Do not panic about having two jobs

Too late for this one. But, I’m very grateful for them, which kind of outweighs the panic.

5. Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry!

Never happened. But do not fear, it will!

This Week’s Goals

1. Yoga (why is this a recurring theme!)

2. Work on losing those stubborn three or four pounds that are keeping me from the 140s.

3. Enjoy running the 10km night race. It is a long run for me, and therefore I am not racing it. Just enjoying the experience and post-run party

4. Pay attention to how my body feels, like how it really feels.  Watch out for angry shins and calf muscles, stretch appropriately, don’t freak out about running. Enjoy it

5. Let this move into our new house which we don’t have yet go smoothly and do not bite Manfriend’s head off once this week.

In Other News

Manfriend got a job near Vancouver, which means we are staying here for now!! This makes me a very happy camper.  We are in the search for a long term house until who knows when. Again, very happy camper  = me.

I will be hosting a giveaway this Thursday! Thursday, people! Lots of running gels and gus up for grabs.  Stay tuned for that.

My race recap and trip recap will also appear this week — lots of hilarity ensued with my Mom and I and the race was awesome cause I PRed.

I hope you are all having a great day, long weekend or not!


2 responses to “Marathon Monday – Training Week 6

  1. “3. Enjoy running the 10km night race. It is a long run for me, and therefore I am not racing it. Just enjoying the experience and post-run party”

    I think it’s so important to take time to really enjoy running, rather than just ploughing through training until your next event. Keep up the good work!

  2. Sounds like you’ve got it together!

    Missing runs is ok sometimes – you’ll probably find you’re more motivated once things ramp up a bit :-D. Look after yourself busy lady.

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