Traveling with Kate

Hey guys! I’m back from Oregon but due to some WordPress issues I never got my second guest post out — so I wanted to share that with you today! I was lucky enough to have Kate from Run With Kate write all about her adventures traveling!

Kate was one of my first friends here in the running/twitterverse/blogging community and I absolutely love reading her blog. I like to think of her as my Australian blogging counterpart.  So give Kate’s post some love, and then head over to read more of her blog!

I’m Kate, and like Amalia, I am 24, love food and travel, am a fairly new runner, and love Twitter.

Unlike Amalia, I am Australian, a law student, and nowhere near as good at cooking! I blog at, and am training for my first marathon. Which may be in two weeks. I am in denial. See – denial face:

I love Amalia’s blog because it ticks off everything we need for a happy, successful lifestyle. My readers know that I can be a neurotic nut case. BUT I try to chill out a bit and enjoy life for what it is. I love that Amalia embraces that so much, and I think it’s something we don’t spend enough time doing.

I am really excited about guest posting, because travel is not something I do on my blog – my day today adventures are running, accidentally offending people, and getting lost.

So I’m going to steal take this opportunity to say that I LOVE travel. I am lucky enough to have been to Europe, the US and Thailand, and to live in a huge country with lots of different things to see and do. I try to live, eat, travel and run – but that combination can confuse poor navigationally-challenged me.

Once upon a time, Mr The Rake (my Manfriend equivalent) and I were travelling in Europe, and we had to cross Paris. We caught one metro, and got to our change-over metro stop, only to find ourselves completely stuck. We simply couldn’t find platform 2.

There was 1, 3 and 4, but not 2. Having run around all day, and not eaten anywhere near enough, we were both at the end of our patience.

I speak French. Mr The Rake does not. He suggested that I ask someone where the platform was. I snapped back –

Why is it always my responsibility? Go and do it yourself.

He looked at me, and replied meekly –

I don’t speak French.

My gorgeous boyfriend, to his credit, realised I was in no state to reason (pro tip – when travelling, running and living, remember to eat!) and did try to talk to a shop assistant.

Eventually, we found ourselves in the right place – but on the wrong side of the platform! There was a metro line between us and our train, and we were about to miss our tour.

Suddenly, a metro pulled up and for some reason, the doors opened on both sides. We looked at each other. We shrugged. And then we bolted THROUGH the train, shoving disgruntled French people out of our way-


‘s’îl vous plait’

‘coming through’

‘f-ing MOVE’

We made it to the tour.



18 responses to “Traveling with Kate

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  2. I love to travel as well and I love Kate’s blog. You are awesome Kate! 🙂

  3. YAY…can i say putting more kate out in cyberspace is a MUST…love the guest post! 🙂 haha…thanks so much for sharing this story, and i’m think u and i travel pretty much the same: we get lost, we are apt to have miscommunications, and eventually the f-bomb gets dropped!
    PS- LUV the shirt 😉

  4. love this post, today kate!!! xxoo happy friday!! spa love!

  5. Lol – totally worth getting lost! Thanks Cait.

  6. Love reading from both of you 🙂

  7. LOVE this post, LOVE Kate, and LOVE Amalia!!! 🙂

  8. Your Paris story (which I left on Kate’s blog), is similar to mine. If you get to that crazy point with someone and they don’t kill you or leave you, you are meant to be together.

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