Marathon Monday – Week 3

Hey guys! Happy Monday!

I have some cool news, I got a job today! A second one! Not sure how I’m going to pull this off along with half marathon training but it pays really well so keep your fingers crossed I can get through three months of it.  They have also already pre-approved my Christmas vacation so now all we need is for Manfriend to get a job here and I get to stay in one place for at least 11 more months!! For the first time since August 2011 I won’t be moving every month, two months or four months and I’m very, very excited.

Also, I negative split my run from last week (I know, run, singular, I’ll explain later). Check out that last km. I am pretty sure it is one of (if not the) fastest km I’ve run ever. I know its the fastest since I’ve moved to Vancouver. Now, if only I could remember the song that had me moving that fast.

Now my only problem with showing you the negative splits is that they were neg. splits for km — and my Nike+ App has reset to miles and I CANT CHANGE IT BACK!

So. Onward.

Last Weeks Goals

1. Runs

I got sick. Insert picture of me trying to climb giant mountain while sick.

You will probably see that picture again tomorrow.
So I was going to get 2 runs in, but thanks to some fantastic and glorious advice from fellow Vancouver runners I decided to stay home and have tea and sleep so I could rock a 30 minute run on Sunday.

Luckily its still early so missing a few long runs (read: 2 or 3 miles) isn’t going to mess me up too bad.

Most important thing I learned this week came from #runchat yesterday where “DO NOT CHASE YOUR MILES” was an important lesson for me. So, week three, 1/3 runs done.  I’ve done 5/9 so far. So looking forward, lets hit all three this week.

Also, although I only ran once, I passed 100km for 2012 – which is what some of you do in a month BUT its 100 more than every single year before this year!

2. Yoga

Fail. Yoga fail. BUT I WENT TODAY.. so I’ve already accomplished a goal for next week.

3. Update dailymile

I did! Yesterday’s run is even there. Go check, I dare you!

4. Sleep

Again, fail. I have to get better at going to bed before waking up at 4:30am but I’m slowly getting better. IE tonight I hopefully will actually get 6 hours of sleep. And a nap, definitely a nap!

5. Eat vegetarian one day.

I honestly do not know if this happened. I feel like it may have, but I cannot remember. So we will call it a partial success and move forward.

This Week’s Goals

1. All three runs

2. PR my 5km race on Sunday (this one is a tad scary)

3. Yoga (secret: already accomplished)

4. Do not panic about having two jobs

5. Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry!

I love you all, I hope you are all having amazing weeks so far — and I am so excited to let you know that while I’m on vacation I have some AMAZING guest posts lined up for you.




2 responses to “Marathon Monday – Week 3

  1. Congrats on the new job, Amalia! And congrats on following through all your goals, however you managed that while sick! You’re an inspiration to all of us … now, about those veggies …

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