10 days until I race again… and some weird rules

So this took me by surprise today.

I’m mid-week through Training Week #3 for the Half-Marathon (with 4/6 workouts complete so far) — and I got all excited today because my Mom is arriving in Vancouver in 8 days.

For those of you who like to spend time away from their families, here is the number one reason why I’m excited. My entire life, all 24 years, this is the longest I’ve ever been away from my mom (90+ days now).  Previous to this, 21 days would have been the longest time we spent apart.

So I’m a homebody, sue me 🙂

This gorgeous lady is coming to visit me for a WHOLE WEEK.

Also, if you’re tired of seeing pictures of me and my Mom, I remain unapologetic. For another week or so it is probably all you will see. And maybe a few of me running… maybe.

Because I’m racing in 10 days!

I thought of this today (while I was nursing a sore throat and runny nose) and nearly choked on air.

I still have angry shins I haven’t figured out and although loosening my laces helped my toes not go numb (thanks to the advice the Runners Choice people gave me, helpful bunch!) it still happens and I haven’t been running in 5 days and I’m getting sick and I’m RACING!?

This is why I scheduled races… to make sure I trained. Smart past Amalia, I’m very proud of you.

Past Amalia… she’s a smart cookie!

I have a 5km race in Surrey scheduled for the 30th of September and then its off to Oregon. I am hoping to PR, but to do that I gotta stick to the schedule this week and next.

Sidenote: its the first race both Manfriend and Mom will be attending. I’m very excited to have my own cheer squad, and that they will have each other to keep company.

Also, Manfriend can’t stop talking about how excited he is my Mom is coming to visit. Which also makes me a very happy panda.

So on Sept 30th I’m racing here:

It’s their first event.. so I’m going to make sure I have my water and go early — you never know with these things how they will work out for the first time!

Also, they posted etiquette rules on their website, a few of which are interesting. Most are legitimate (stay to the side if you slow down, we don’t encourage running with headphones, don’t run the race if you didn’t pay, don’t have a bike pacer, don’t switch bibs in case of emergencies, don’t give a man your bib if you’re a woman cause it screws with race results). Some were different:

Only cross the finish line once. And do not cross the finish if you did not complete the full course. Doing otherwise will lead to errors in the results.

Who crosses twice?

Stay for the awards. Celebrate the winners. You may have won a prize yourself, and it is courteous to the organizers and sponsors to be present to receive it.

Sorry, but if I run a 35 minute 5km, which is my goal (sub 36) I’m not sticking around to see who wins. I have a trip to get to (TO OREGON!) and I didn’t win. Most people in my age group who win run 17 minute 5kms. That’s half my time.

Limit your consumption of post race refreshments until you are sure everyone (i.e. the last finishers) has had an equal share.

I get this, but it sounds funny.  I feel like it was said wrong. I’m gonna down whatever refreshment you give me without second thought to who else is behind me. I won’t take two, but I’m not waiting to take one.

Respect private property.  Use toilets provided by race organizers.

I don’t think anyone random is going to have a toilet on the side of the road. Unless they’re saying not to go in the bush, which is funny, cause there are usually people everywhere. This made me giggle.

Visually impaired runners accompanied by a guide should also start either in advance, or at the back of the field.

Does this seem discriminatory to anyone other than me? I’ve never heard of a rule where visually impaired racers have to start at the front or back. Usually they start in their time corral like everyone else does. I usually have more issue from people who zig-zag than a visually impaired racer.

Be courteous to the volunteers, smile and give them a big thank you as you run by.  You have an event to run because of them.

I fully agree with this — but I don’t think I should have to be told to thank people. I am not a child. I am a polite adult who will thank volunteers because I want to, not because you told me I had to.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on those additional etiquette suggestions posted on the site? I feel like I’m in for an experience at this inaugural race. Oh well, there’s a first time for everything!

The other 5km I ran was at a huge Boston qualifier event in Ottawa. What’s the least organized race you’ve ever run? Have you ever been emailed a list of etiquette before running a race?


5 responses to “10 days until I race again… and some weird rules

  1. Oh Amalia! Good luck on the 5km. l’ve seen pretty standard race etiquette tips, but yours are comprehensive and totally bizarre!

  2. I came across your blog through runchat and wanted to wish you luck on your upcoming 5K. My guess is the race organizers are trying to cta with all these bizarre rules. I will say that it does suck when a race runs out of water/gatorade fuel at water stops or doesn’t have any left at the end.

    • I agree with that. I think they worded it funny cause in the email it sounded like you couldn’t take even one! Which I know isn’t what they meant.
      Thank you for the luck! And I’m glad you stopped by, it’s super appreciated!

  3. Good luck this weekend, maybe I will see you there! As for crossing twice, it happens when someone finishes and then they go back to run along with a friend for their last few hundred metres. If u do that you’re supposed to make sure u don’t cross the mats a second time.

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