Happy Birthday Mom!

It’s my Mom’s Birthday. She is out enjoying the sun in Santa Barbara with my Dad. But as it is her birthday I wanted to share with you 15 reasons I love my Mom.

1. She protects me

2. She takes care of me.

3.  She’s my travel buddy. New York, California, British Columbia, Austria and Hungary, and the Bahamas. You name it, we’ve probably rocked the city as a Mother/Daughter duo — next stop, DisneyWorld Marathon Weekend.

4. She showed me the true meaning of being generous and giving.

5. How she consistently encourages me to follow my dreams and do things that are out of the norm.

6. She is super fit. And probably faster than me still.

7. She is a great example to women everywhere. She set up a girls soccer league at one of her schools and set about recognizing and encouraging the athletic abilities of underpriveleged teenaged women.

8. She lived through my teenage years.

9. She has done incredible things with her career as an educator that has forever impacted the lives of others.

10. She’s always there for me.

11. She stood outside in the boiling hot sun in Ottawa with me for 6 hours to see Will and Kate when they came to Canada.

12. She hasn’t gotten tired of taking me shopping yet.

13. She is a prime example of someone who has accomplished so much in her life and is still humble.

14. She encourages me to take risks. To step out of the box, to move forward, challenge the norm, do things I believe in. Above all, don’t be afraid, and be happy.

15. She believes in me. With her entire being, she is convinced I am the greatest person in the world — and there are days where a girl needs to know that her Mom truly believes in her abilities.

I love you.
Thanks for everything 🙂


2 responses to “Happy Birthday Mom!

  1. This is adorable! Happy birthday to your mama!

    • Thanks! She’s wonderful. She reads all my blogs but I can’t figure out how to let her comment (I’m a WordPress newbie). She was traveling this birthday so I considered this my version of an E-Card!

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