Marathon Monday

I like the name Marathon Monday for two reasons. One because Mondays feel like Marathons. Two because Monday is half marathon training recap day.

I was supposed to do three runs last week. I got two done (Monday and Saturday) and cut my pace by about 30 seconds per km.

Today I did the long run that was supposed to happen yesterday. It was awesome and I ran the whole 5km!


So a great run today makes 3 total training runs so far. So I am a day behind but not missing a training run yet!

Last Weeks Goals

1. All training runs and yoga

Done! Minus yoga. I have a problem getting to yoga!! In my defense I was halfway to biking to yoga on the beach when it started to rain and came home.

2. I ate better than last weekend but not great. Manfriend and I are in the middle of finding new recipes that suit both our needs and tastes. Here’s a sample pic from recipes I will be posting later this week!


3. I got six hours of sleep all but Sunday. Which is awesome. And I stopped stressing about work as much.

4. I finished my Chem unit – I just have to type it up and submit it.

5. I did blog every day! It looks like I did two on Saturday – but it’s the time change.

This Weeks Goals

1. YOGA and runs

2. I have like eight things to mail – get them mailed – and get passport application mailed.

3. Keep getting sleep – 6 hrs!

4. Submit Chemistry.

5. Don’t stress the small stuff and trust things will get figured out in time!

What are your weekly goals? What was the best part of your week last week? For me it was the view I saw on my run last week.


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