Kindness Recap

Before I start today’s recap of my Random Acts of Kindness week, I would like to invite you all to enjoy some random facts about me.

1. I love cheerleading movies and tv shows – I wish I could move like that. I’m currently watching Bring It On Again (which is not nearly as good as the first one in terms of plot or anything like that… arguably they both have no plot, but still, the leaping, the twisting!). Best line from the movie “Ya, well, whatever I lose in financial aid, I’ll gain in testicles!”  Side note, I also love that Haley from One Tree Hill is Marnie in this movie.

2. Sometimes I wonder why its so cold in my house and I realize its because Manfriend likes to leave windows open. This morning it was cause he was working out, which is totally fair. The other night he forgot about a window and it was freezing when I woke up.

3. I am not an advocate for instant foods. I don’t think instant rice or instant meals can be good for you at all, all those preservatives. And instant coffee? Don’t get me started. Even Starbucks’s instant Via doesn’t compare to a freshly brewed cup of coffee (but when you have to have it on the go, its pretty decent). However, instant Oatmeal I eat every day. Just add hot water and its breakfast! Preferably along with some fruit, but when I work at 4:30 its the perfect 15 minute break meal.

Random Act of Kindness Week

I set out to do a random act of kindness every day last week. I wanted to prove that a lot of acts can be done without spending a whole lot of money. As a debt ridden former student on an expensive running path (corny I know) and someone trying to go back to school, I couldn’t spend 5.00 a day on doing random nice things for strangers. However, I still wanted to give back, so here are the Random Acts of Kindness I completed on a Budget.

– I spent an entire day being nice to ALL customers

I work at a sketchy neighbourhood Starbucks. My Starbucks itself isn’t sketchy, but some of frequent customers can be. I find numerous things I didn’t want to find in the washrooms when cleaning and fights occur a few times a month in or around where we are.  Therefore, I made it my duty to be nice to EVERY customer. No matter who they were or where they came from everyone had a clean slate.  And you know what? It made more people smile and made me feel like I had a successful day even when it was chaotic and crazy.

– I wrote a “good luck” note and gave a chocolate bar to a coworker

A coworker of mine had a huge interview she was preparing for on short notice. So, anonymously, I typed up a note and wrapped it around a chocolate bar and put it in her mailbox. As of yet, she hasn’t said anything but I know she received it and I know she got the job… so hopefully it brightened her day!

– I made sure to “surprise and delight” a few customers

A couple unsuspecting new customers of mine found themselves with a free beverage this week when they were trying something new and getting used to Starbucks products. Luckily in my position, the company I work for enables this kind of act of kindness. The one woman I gave a free drink to because she had a newborn and was having trouble sleeping (I gave her steamed vanilla milk) said both her and the baby had their best sleep yet. She has come back every day since.

Another lady who always, ALWAYS without fail buys food and drink for the person behind her, got a free drink from me this week. She is always surprising people in line and making their day better, so I decided to make her day a little brighter too.

– I wrote the firemen down the road a letter and delivered cookies

The local firestation is less than a two minute walk from my house. Having been in a fire once in my life I know how important their jobs are and how dedicated they can be. I took the firefighters who work in my neighbourhood a note with some cookies.

Those are just a few of the random acts of kindness I managed to do this past week! I hope that somebody touched your life this past week, and that you pay it forward in weeks to come!


One response to “Kindness Recap

  1. I love all the cheerleading and dance movies too! I love Bethany Joy Lenz, Haley from One Tree Hill, she was my favorite!
    So nice that you did those random acts of kindness, I am sure that you made someone’s day!

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