How do you log your eating and workouts?

Today’s question from the September blogging challenge is how do you log your eating and workouts?

I prefer to log my workouts on daily mile. However, I bike and run so much weekly in addition to my workouts that i only put my training miles on daily mile. You are all more than welcome to follow my progress there, I love the community atmosphere! I love that my runs automatically get posted to twitter — and I want to post them to my facebook page — I try not to overwhelm my friends and family who are on my personal page with random running data. Another place I log is my Nike running app. It has all my runs from the year so far (74.something km which is a lot for me. Up 74.something from the year before!) I should probably sync my Nike app to my daily mile but I just can’t figure out how. Any suggestions?

I also like paper tracking. In case of technological failure/crash I want to be able to remember all my running successes!

In terms of tracking food I use myfitnesspal – and I’ve heard of a few other tracking methods that work for people better than myfitnesspal (and I would love suggestions) but I have lost almost ten pounds tracking this way – and when I stopped for a month or so I noticed a reversal of the progress. I make a point of not relying on it or being critical — but it helps me restrain myself (I will have 26 chips – one serving – instead of the bag).

How do you all track? Do you even track your calories? I’d love suggestions! Check out my contact page to link up with me on daily mile!


3 responses to “How do you log your eating and workouts?

  1. Love Daily Mile too! I think we’re already friends on there, but I’ll check 😉

  2. I love Daily Mile and I have a Runners World training log as well.

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