Yoga for a cause

Hey! Remember the whole idea we were taught as children that we can turn something we love and are passionate about into doing good for others?

My friend Natalie (you all know her as my yoga buddy slash roast beef provider – and also great friend) is doing just that.


Natalie and her coworkers at Semperviva yoga studio in Vancouver are participating in the Yoga World Aid Challenge on September 9th. It is a worldwide yoga event and they have chosen to fundraise for imagine1day.

Imagine1day is going to receive 100 percent of their fundraising, and a staff member gets to go to Ethiopia to see the funds in action.

Natalie is only 345.00 away from her fundraising goal and you can learn more about that and choose to support her here .

However it all boils down to this. Teamwork and doing something you love can lead to real changes in the world! I congratulate and support Natalie and each and every one of you who is using something you love (running, yoga, baking, knitting, whatever your passion is) to help others.

With peace and happiness,



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