Marathon Monday!

What a week! Last week was an intense one! I got multiple packages in the mail — heck yes, am I EVER excited to share them all with you today — AND some stuff went down at work that isn’t really unusual in the neighbourhood where my Starbucks resides but it took a toll on my body — all that stress and those sleepless nights resulted in a pretty nasty fever on Saturday —  and I am happy to report that instead of looking like an overtired stress ball, I now look rather normal and happy.

Stressed and Tired vs. Happy and Normal!

ALSO — My half Marathon training starts this week. Started today actually! So are you prepared for an onslaught of (Half) Marathon Mondays!! AND I got my very first runners nod. I am highly impressed with myself.

Last week I got so much mail — it just wasn’t fair to poor Manfriend who has been waiting for a package for a long while!  It all started a while ago when my amazing Mom sent me a love package from Ontario. I love my Mom, so much! She sent me some stuff from her trip to Rhode Island and then some running gear! A top, pants and a fuel belt with water bottles which I plan on using on runs over 5miles.

The gift box from my Mommy

My Mom, in case you were not aware, is also my travel buddy to my WDW half marathon in January! I’m trying to convince her to run the 5km on the Friday (help me out people, encouragement is welcome) but she is coming to support me, financing the dream AND taking me to Harry Potter’s Wizarding World of Wonder. Can anyone say best mom ever?

As an aside, she told me yesterday she is too old to run the 5km. I told her she’s not, but are there any older moms out there who have run a 5km and want to testify to its awesomeness?

So the other packages I got last week. My foodie pen pal package is one you will hear ALL about tomorrow! What a wonderful package. Here’s a sneak peek!

I won’t say much more other than its amazing.

I also got some shirts in the mail I’ve been excited to get! I got my Power Plank shirt from Holly over at Running and Baking! The best part about this is that I asked her for a girly shirt and boy did she deliver! It’s the perfect colours and I LOVE the way it fits. Such a gorgeous shirt. You should go ask her to make you one too! I think I may run my 5km in it!

The back 🙂 The bow is awesome. Totally me!

The front! I DO plank for power!

And the other thing I got in the mail last week that was fitness related was my Fitfluential shirt. I was SO excited to try it out but unfortunately its like 12 degrees Celsius outside which means I’m wearing my long sleeved running shirts (that should say shirt, I only have one long sleeved one).

Manfriend was very excited to see how it worked so he poured his water bottle on it — I was not very excited about that, until I saw what happens when you sweat through it!

AWESOME! It says train harder, for those of you who cannot read it.


The front

I then modeled it and got Manfriend to take some pictures… which turned out super ridiculous cause he brings out my ridiculous side. So enjoy a few of the more crazy pictures that happened.

I love this shirt.

I also got some samples from ignite naturals in the mail which I will try on my long run next weekend and review for you guys! I’m excited, they look like awesome flavours.

Finally, My Bia shirt came! With loads of goodies. See what I mean when I told you it was a good mail week. Not much else could beat an awesome week of mail!

Love this shirt.

Half-Marathon Training

Today I ran my first half-marathon training run! I ran 30 minutes! Woo! That was the plan and I did it. Keep an eye out on Monday for my workout updates. I will let you know how I’m doing. My goal is to hit all of my training and make it all the way to my half marathon without faltering and missing a training day. I know I can do it! I will also try to fit in yoga here and there as well to keep me sane!

September Writing Challenge!

There is a September Healthy Living/Fitness Blogging Challenge happening right now that is being hosted over at Fitness Cheerleader that I’m joining now! I will be blogging every day this month so get ready for an onslaught (I think I’ve used that word twice today) of posts about everything under the sun! I know I missed yesterday, but I will do an extra post one day to make up for it. Plus, I’m sure you guys don’t mind TOO much.

My Run:

My run today was great. I got a “runner nod” from the guy running by me!! I GOT THE NOD!! I have passed so many runners and never received the nod.  Also,  I almost ran the WHOLE time.  The whole half n hour! I am very excited to have this run under my belt. RUN ONE DONE. I am on my way to a successful half. I tried to practice taking pictures on my run, but I ended up looking like this.

My ears get cold, hence the giant headband. Don’t judge 😉

I will try to get better at photos. Or at least not take them of myself.

This Weeks Goals:

1. Do all three runs on my half marathon training plan and go to yoga at least once.

2. Eat clean. Not things like Texas fries or Pulled Pork Nachos or deep fried kool-aid (I was at the PNE this weekend… pacific national exhibition). For the record, I do not regret any of those above eating decisions.

Would you regret these Texas fries? Pure DELICIOUS

3. Get at least 6 hours of sleep a night and STOP stressing about work. It’s coffee for goodness sakes.

4. Finish unit one of chemistry this week. Keep on track for my school goals!

5. A blog a day 🙂


From the Mouth of Manfriend

w (that’s from Manfriend, he wanted to contribute to the post, and he just wanted to type a w. So I let him)


I love you all for your continued support and love and friendship!

I hope you all get something in the mail this week that makes you as happy as my mail did last week! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s foodie pen pal post!


8 responses to “Marathon Monday!

  1. Yay, Half marathon! You’ll love it. It’s so much fun to be in a big race like that! Want to do either the Scotiabank or Seawheeze with me next summer?

  2. Cute tops! I love getting packages in the mail too!

  3. Yes! Mom, do the 5k!! I’m running the 5K that weekend with my Sister in Law. ALSO, I have a pass to Universal, maybe we should go on the same day… 😉

  4. Oh my gosh I want to be your mailbox. How amazing!

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