Random Acts of Kindness Challenge!

Hey guys! I’m very excited to discuss two things that have seriously motivated me the past few weeks. These are items I have found on twitter and/or Pinterest and really want to share with you. The first is a commencement video I watched, where the mayor of Newark, New Jersey (Cory Booker) delivered his speech to graduates of Stanford University.

He talked about the conspiracy of love that helps all of us get to where we are today. He is talking about people who are so determined to help others and whose names we do not know. It is a 45 minute long video, but if you can squeeze any time out of your day, I encourage you to watch and listen to this amazing man speak.

<p>Video from <a href=”http://www.karmatube.org”>KarmaTube</a></p&gt;

These are few of my favourite moments from this commencement speech.

“You need to understand, that who you are now you are the physical manifestation of a conspiracy of love.  The people whose names you don’t even know, who struggled for you, who fought for you, who sweat for you, who volunteered for you. You are here because of them. Do not forget that.”

“You need to understand something. The world you see outside of you is a reflection of what you have inside of you. And if you see only problems and darkness and despair that is all there is ever going to be. But if you
are one of those stubborn people that every time you open your eyes you see hope, opportunity, possibility, love, then you can help me make a change.

“Embrace discomfort, because it is a precondition to service. Embrace fear, because if you can move through fear you find it is a precondition to discovery. Embrace frustration, because it is a precondition to incredible breakthroughs”

and finally

“Courage is when you are curled up in a ball on your bed sleepless throughout the night and the sun comes up, courage isn’t the roar, courage is that small voice in your mind that says get up, get out of bed, put your feet on the floor, brush your teeth, wash your face, comb your hair.  Put your hand on the doorknob and go outside for another day of loving and stand with all of your mights and look up to the heavens. And courage has you say “you can take everything from me, you can cut me deep, you can render me in shame but you will never, ever, stop me from loving. From loving those who mock me, from loving those who hate me, from loving cynics, from loving the darkness so that myself, with my small acts of consistent love will bring on the light.

And with that, I have my second inspirational thing from the week. Which I saw on Pinterest and promptly went to read someone’s blog. This woman took her two kids and mom and for her 35th birthday did 35 Random Acts of Kindness.

You can read it here.

They left something for their mailman and left dollars hidden in the dollar store for people to find and spend on something. They did 35 tiny acts of kindness that really speak to the love and the conspiracy of love in Cory Booker’s speech.

So here’s my challenge for you, fellow bloggers and human beings. Next week, for the week of September 3rd – September 9th I want whoever wants to participate to do ONE random act of kindness per day, and blog about it on September 9th.

I want you to share your stories, and join me in spreading a little bit of kindness.

You can find ideas on the blog post up above, but use your own creativity! Send a note to somebody, leave change near a change machine. Buy someone else’s coffee.  Send cookies to a new teacher at school. Make a small thing for your child’s classmates.  Endless ideas.

I’m so excited to see what you all come up with and can share!

Amalia out 🙂



5 responses to “Random Acts of Kindness Challenge!

  1. You have an incredible outlook on life. The highlights of that speech…wow. xxx

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