Happy Weekend = Happy Week

What a weekend! It was full of wonderful, now slightly fuzzy memories of gorgeous sunshine, good friends, lots of laughs, plenty of alone time, and even a few hours of peace and quiet blogging and writing at a cafe. What a wondrous weekend! They don’t come along like that very often.  I also baked kale chips for the first time and I’m excited to share the recipe I used with you!

A little bit of cafe love

I spent the rest of Saturday at my friend Natalie’s house with her. She caught up on some work while I caught up on some blogging and reading other blogs (you are all up to amazing things and there are days I can’t keep track!) You will remember Natalie from my post about Yoga here — much to my dismay I haven’t made it out again yet but I will, this Wednesday. You can all hold me to it! She will turn me into a Yogi, I can guarantee it (although I’m not sure doing the ‘crow’ is going to happen anytime soon lady).

That’s the crow. I do it more like a tumble into a fall into a back-splat. Natalie does it better.  So Saturday night Natalie and her boyfriend treated me to a Roast dinner. SO FREAKING GOOD. My Mom makes an amazing roast and I haven’t had one since I’ve been out to BC because I don’t normally eat potatoes and manfriend is not a fan of roast so I’m not going to make a roast for one but, Oh. Em. Gee that was delicious.

I then biked home.

Sunday I spent the morning at my favourite little cafe, and then came home to clean up the house. More on this later this week, but Manfriend and I our styles of living are well, polar opposites. I live in organized chaos and Manfriend lives in well, epic neatness.  Since he was out fighting with bears (not really) and hiking something like a 32km weekend (that’s true) in the middle of nowhere (also true) I figured he should come home to a clean house.

And then, I did something that I haven’t done in ages (six days really). And even six days ago I could only go 0.5km without stopping and being in pain (that part is unfortunately true). I RAN!!!!! AND LOOKED LIKE THIS AT THE END OF FIVE KM AND CALISTHENICS

Who knew being sweaty and gross could make a girl so happy.

I ran 5km and then did three sets of the following:

– 10 pushups (girl style, I’m not superwoman yet)
– 20 situps (crunches, again, working on the superwoman thing)
– 25 squats
– 20 lunges (10 each leg)
– 40 jumping jacks
– 1 minute wall sit

And repeat, over and over until exhausted (or three times….)

One thing I kept telling myself the whole time is “The mind will quit before the body does” and its true! I got through my run by shortening my stride and watching where I was centered and then got through the wall sits (the worst part) by repeating that mantra to myself.

I’m NOT sure if I achieved negative splits (someone out there tell me please!) but it felt pretty darn good.
KM1 = 9.11
KM2 = 8’27
KM3 = 8;47
KM4 = 7’31
KM5 = 8’09

Anyone? I feel because my last two km were faster than the first two its a neg split, but my third was slower.. and I’m a runner newbie so advice is appreciated on this front.


Home Made Kale Chips
If I can do it, you can do it too

Step one: Get some Kale and preheat your oven to 350. If you are getting it from your garden, AWESOME. If not, also awesome but maybe not as tasty. On a positive side note, you won’t have to inspect every single individual leaf for bugs.

The bugged Kale

The rescued Kale!

Step Two: (After cleaning and washing and de-bugging Kale), rip into bite sized pieces.

Whole Kale

Kale ripped and on pan! (Which should have parchment paper, but I was out)

Use parchment paper on a non-reflective pan (see how I failed there?) for best results. Also, it shrinks quite a bit when baking, so perhaps not sooo small of pieces.

Step Three: Take any seasoning you want and  drizzle on pan with the Kale. I recommend EITHER sea salt OR soy sauce OR both (not both, not both at all… I may be saying that from experience).  Use the following measurement for your seasonings. Also, add olive oil in this measurement as well. Don’t use the cap or you end up with an oil spill all over your Kale obviously.  Also, I used canola oil and it still worked great for me.

Optional Step: Stop for a snack since you didn’t fuel properly pre-run

Quaker, you are my best friend.

Step Four:

Bake! (The kale, not the legs that are in the picture)

Now, do not overbake. You have to pay attention. I think mine were in the oven for less than five minutes before they were slightly too crispy. The recipe called for 15 minutes but they would have been fried. Either way, I set the fire alarm off (naturally).

Step Five: Eat Up! Try different seasonings. The ones that I did not drown with too much salt (especially since I haven’t been having lots of salt lately) were actually quite potato-chip esque.

Eat your kale chips!

Step Six (Optional for those of you who may oversalt your Kale only):

Make some edamame from the soybeans from the garden, cause that’s delicious too.

And there you have it, my baked Kale chip recipe! I hope you enjoyed the witticism and the pictures. I was one spoiled woman this weekend, after Manfriend came home we watched the Hunger Games and today while I was napping he made an AMAZING, best stir-fry I’ve ever had no word of a lie dinner.

Sesame oil stir-fry. It could only have been better on quinoa.

And now I leave you with some motivation for the rest of the week. This picture is courtesy of a Tumblr account but seriously motivated me to get out for my run.

In conclusion, something awesome came in the mail today. If you guys would like to know what it is, maybe you should hop on over to Live Travel Eat and Run’s facebook page. Thirty likes and I’ll tell you! (Also I will probably tell you anyways cause I’m so excited about it but still, help a girl out!)

Amalia Out!
Hope your Monday’s started out right!



6 responses to “Happy Weekend = Happy Week

  1. Yummmmm kale chips!! Awesome on the run yayaya!

  2. Yay, crow pose! Thanks for hanging out with me for the day 🙂

  3. The Crow is super hard! I cannot hold it for more than a few seconds.

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